How European Jewish Elites PERMANENTLY Destroyed The Black Race

July 2, 2011

Black people in this country have been systemically destroyed by Jewish supremacy. They always get us first and then white Gentiles second. Most of us blame whitey for our problems, if not ourselves, and there are plenty of whites who hate or resent blacks and will do everything in their power to prevent our quality of life and independence. Those whites are also victims of Jewish supremacy because they see blacks or other nonwhites as their enemies when in fact they have been brainwashed by the Jewish media just like blacks to believe everyone is their enemy except for Jews or Israel. There is one and only one common enemy to all of mankind and it is the Jewish elite who own and run the international banking cartel that has each and every one of us enslaved to it in perpetual debt servitude.

How did they do it? Well it wasn’t easy and it took some time but they are a patient bunch if nothing else. Blacks have been the major Jewish tool of exploitation ever since our arrival on slave ships in America, those who didn’t die fleeing in Africa or from sickness during the voyage and were dumped overboard. Who financed the ships that brought us here? European Jews. There would have been no TransAtlantic Slave Trade, or at least a much smaller version of it, without Jews as the financial backers. By the way Columbus was a Jew too.

The first thing Jews had to do was destroy the black family and all of our African traditions. By lynching black men, splitting up the slave families, raping black women, etc. Jews (of course they paid whites to do most of the dirty work for them) were able to make black males appear as less than men. We are still in that condition as a whole today with the Jewish promotion of black men being on the “down low”, prison rape and the gay agenda wholeheartedly espoused by Obama who I believe is gay himself. Willie Lynch was the blueprint and it worked. It is ironic that although black men have been almost completely emasculated by this plot that black women are still largely attracted only to black men sexually even though they simultaneously hate us for our infidelities. Black men have succumbed, myself included, to the Jewish media’s recent promotion of interracial relationships to dilute the gene pool and make us all easier to control. Black men are portrayed as being either gay (Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence in drag) or after white women (Lamar Odom, Ice T, etc), despite the fact that the vast majority of black men are straight and date only black women. I would never date a black woman or a white woman anymore but sex and dating are not the same thing.

Most Americans don’t know this but the concept of using race as a tool of social stratification began in Virginia less than two hundred years ago. The Jewish elite basically offered the white working class a plea bargain. If whites would cease their alliance with blacks and building unions in exchange whites would receive white privilege. Whites took the bait and accepted their higher rank based on skin color and America has never looked back. If it after this betrayal that the worst racial atrocities occurred including lynching, Jim Crow, church bombings and the like. It was a trick of course and the Jewish elite still have whites and most blacks fooled today.

Feminism was started by and promoted by Jews. We all know about Betty Freidan and Gloria Steinem……both Jews. Feminism didn’t free women from male oppression. It just told them to ignore their feminine instincts and to emulate men. It was never intended to give women a choice in anything. It was designed to make woman the equal of man by legally destroying gender norms and roles. Now the single mother rate in the black community is over 70%. Black men are many times unable to provide for their families while black women are getting college degrees and corporate jobs that pay well. The black male is hence further emasculated worsening an already bad situation. Before feminism women were forced to stay home and raise kids by social stigma. Now under feminism women are forced to get a job and raise kids without a husband by social stigma. If you act like a woman who needs a man you are viewed by feminists as weak and backwards. Sickening…….Men and women complement each other. We don’t replace each other. Feminists knew what they were doing when they presented women with the alternative of another false choice. Women took the bait.

From the time Africans were sold into slavery or simply stolen from Africa Jews have hooked blacks on Christianity, a Jewish plagiarized myth. Each generation of blacks forced each successive generation to believe the hymie and now the black race is a bunch of Jesus freaks who fear “God’s chosen people” even though no one in the entire Bible of lies is even European. Do the names “Matthew”, “Mark”, “Luke” and “John” sound like Hebrew names to you? Of course not. They sound like the Beverly Hillbillies or Beverly Hills 90210. The word “Jew” never appears in the Bible because it was written and corrupted by the Jews before that word even came into use by the Jews. Now Christian blacks live in fear of hell after death for not obeying the Gentile mitzvoth of the Bible including homophobia and forbidden fornication nonsense. Then they give us phony black leaders who tell us to forgive our enemies and turn the other cheek and we obey like Jesus freaks. Forgive not seven times but seven times seventy the good book says. Of course this was even further ensconced into blacks with the Holocaust fallacy taught in public miseducation at the end of WWII and even to this day. We are taught that non-Jews are bad and Jews are good, no matter what their actions are because God simply likes them better. What a fucking ridiculous notion but repetition eventually overcomes the common senses of most men. Everything on TV and in Hollywood re-inforces the holohoax lies. The Nation of Islam would have us believe their religion is different but it’s another Jew religion. They all are including Buddhism and Hinduism.

Let’s dig even deeper. Jews convinced blacks that voting is a privilege that can change things when in fact every so-called right that is ever granted to blacks is gutted of any efficacy before doing so. Joel Spingarn is the Jew that started the NAACP to distract whites from Jewish infiltration. It worked and it’s still working. Jews are behind the eugenics movement that sterilizes black females without them even knowing. These organizations were eventually banned during the 60’s and 70’s but re-emerged after their rebranding under the same Jewish management, including Margaret Sanger, as Planned Parenthood. You go in for counseling and you come out impotent. Nice huh? Maybe they’ll get drive-thru service soon too?

What blacks don’t understand is that the damage done to us collectively is generational and cumulative. It doesn’t go away because you didn’t experience it yourself. It is passed on genetically and spiritually to the offspring, although they have a hard time putting a finger on it for obvious reasons. They are never told or taught the truth. Now the prison industrial complex is a multi-billion dollar booming business using blacks for free labor…..again! Slavery ain’t over. It just changed from overt to covert. If black women can’t find a good black man then maybe they should start looking in jails and prisons. That’s where many of us are. If that wasn’t enough now the state can legally seize your children when you are unable to take care of them. The fathers can be jailed for not paying child support, as if they will make any money while incarcerated. It is no longer even denied that crack cocaine was dumped into the black community by the CIA. They admit it. Our response? Nothing.

Our children continue to suffer at the hands of the public mis-education system of indoctrination that ignores black and African contributions to history which dwindle those of all other races. Our children are put into remedial classes and held back grades. They are hooked on to drugs like Ritalin that further stunt their growth and ability to learn. Jews are masters of inventing conditions like ADD/ADHD that do not really exist and then making a poisonous drug to treat the phony condition. That’s all AIDS is. AIDS doesn’t kill you because it’s not real but the drugs they give you to treat AIDS are real. They are toxic and have never failed to kill anyone taking them as prescribed. How do healthy people get diagnosed with HIV? Blacks have a higher concentration in our blood of the chemical used to return positive on the HIV test. This is eugenics all over again but one again it is now covert instead of overt.

Everything that is toxic in our air, food and water supply is in higher concentrations in black neighborhoods. That includes fluoride, lead, manganese in drinking water (which makes you angry), chemtrails, mercury and the list goes on. Why do you think fast food restaurants are always open 24/7 in black neighborhoods but never in white neighborhoods? We get poison 24/7. That’s efficient genocide.

The media has successfully portrayed all black women as angry, crazy and violent. They are portrayed as golddiggers who really hate black men but use them for their sperm and then chase white men for the money. This has actually become largely true thanks to the Jewish media and BET. Money worship and prosperity gospel are the order of the day in black America. Get rich or die tryin’. Black women worship money so intensely that I have seen some actually have an orgasm from simply being in the presence of it. That is a sickness that only God could cure.

So while all of this Jewish carnage is going on what do most black men do who are not in prison or jail? We watch sports and play video games to escape from what we perceive as irreparable damage to our people. We are probably correct but that is not reason to capitulate to evil. When you do so you damn yourself to the same fate as your Jewish oppressors. I’m starting to believe one part from the Jewish Bible and that is the curse of Ham. We sure as hell are a cursed people who refuse to unite about anything like other races do. We are damned. In fact we are Goddamned!!!


  1. The most amazing thing about this post is how it manages to contain so many batshit insane conspiracy theories into a single post.

    I’m actually amazed…horrified at your insanity, but amazed none the less.

    • Ask yourself why I would give a shit what you think asshole? This is my blog and I will say whatever I think and feel. It’s for me not you. Everything I said in this piece is thoroughly researched and documented so if you want to play the blind woman then go walk with the shepherd. Otherwise leave me the fuck alone and find another site that substantiates whatever false reality you choose to inhabit.

      • If it’s well researched then why is there no references in your blog? No links to historical documentation of any kind? That shouldn’t be hard to provide and would be far more likely to make people believe your claims.

        I don’t really believe you have any proof of course, but if you provide some I’m willing to rescind what I said.

  2. It’s a blog not a book moron. Research it yourself lazy.

    • From all research I have done (and I’ve done a lot over the years), I have seen no proof that what you have said is true.

      Especially in the case of Christopher Columbus being Jewish.

  3. Fine. You are welcome to disagree. You’re wrong but you can disagree. Start your own blog and bash me. He’s a Jew.

  4. This blog sounds like a white person pretending to be a black person.

    • No it’s just an intelligent black person that has given up on black people ever being free because we are totally controlled as an inferior race of beings. Pathetic. Let us all worship the false gods of our enemies, drink Cristal and watch BET and sports. We’re a race of fucking idiots.

  5. Hey Jabari, fellow intelligent black man here. I too am doubtful that the black underclass will ever be elevated. At least not en masse, probably just one by one here and there. But I have little doubt that most will stay where they are. I got nothing against you man, absolutely your right to say whatever you want. But you are really angry. And I understand anger as an intelligent black dude trying to make his way. The stuff they do to black physicians is just obscene. But anyway, I was wondering if there is a single event or experience that you can identify as giving your anger so much intensity.

    • It’s not one event. It’s the culmination of everything that has been done to us by world Jewry over the centuries. I’m tired of us being the guinea pigs for their social engineering experiments. I’m tired of them getting all the praise from a holocaust that didn’t happen and the lie that they are the “chosen people” while all the black race gets is scorn and derision from whites, Asians, Indians and many Latinos as well. I’m tired of being censored in the media for speaking the truth because Jews control 99.9% of it. I’m tired of being forced to eat GMO food from companies headed by Jews. I’m tired of all the Jewish banksters stealing our money and then forcing us to pay taxes so they can go kill brown people and steal their natural resources. I’m tired of Americans who believe what they see on CNN coming out of Wolf Blitzer’s lying mouth. I’m tired of blacks who accept their phony role as inferior beings who never did anything great in history because of the Jewish education we receive (yes it’s true look it up). We can talk a good game but inside most of us really worship whiteness because we equate it with money. I’m tired of intelligent young blacks being picked on, like I was all through school, and being called a nerd or oreo because we excelled at our school work. Black people worship stupidity and glorify ghetto-osity. Listen to the stupid songs on the radio these days. I know there are exception but the black masses are useless. I’m tired of blacks who claim to not trust whites but at the same time still embrace the phony, self-worship of white Christianity. You cannot re-interpret a phony religion and make it positive when it was created to mentally enslave everyone. Jesus is a lie. He never existed. Even if he did he was NOT divine. Blacks believe lies from whites after all they have collectively done to us. That is the stupidest shit on the entire Earth. Why would our slavemaster give us something to actually benefit us? I understand completely why no one has any respect for blacks. We don’t respect ourselves. We make no demands of Obama. He can do whatever he wants including sending more money to Israel and we sit and there and pretend we are getting something out of having a white president with black skin. Blacks are fools. We have no unity and we never will. We are done. We will be genetically annihilated within the next century. We worship the white man’s money and the white man’s woman. We are a pathetic excuse for a people and the best thing that could possibly happen to us is if the next Mossad false flag later this year in September, October or November just wipes the rest of us off the face of the planet. Whites didn’t destroy us. We did it to ourselves. We have loyalty whatsoever to our collective survival. We deny any of this is true and then refuse to actually research any of it. We are a brainwashed and predictable pool of useless genes. When whites and Jews say jump we say how high massuh. Game over. It’s time we accepted it.

  6. I totally feel you. As a BW I’ve abandoned all hope of ever being married.(not attracted to non-bm)Our BM have been brainwashed to love hoodrats & white women…smh…like sheep…& a BW like me has always been seen as weird & white for wearing $20 jeans & paying bills instead of $100 jeans & weak(by bm & bw wtf?!?) because I dont agree with feminism. I have an 17yr old daughter & I know its hopeless for her too. I’ve never heard asian or mexican men say how much they hate their women…so sad…Im glad I found this Blog…I know Im not by myself. Keep telling the Truth.

  7. i do agree with you that black people are lost, but disagree with your emphasis on jews being the cause. i agree with you on white people, but not jews. contrary to what you think, white anglo saxon protestants and germanic europeans (germans, british, etc) are the cause of the racial systems that took place in the americas over the last 450 years. yes, some jews have done wrong towards black people, but just as black people have wronged each other (killing, color preferences, gender division), it doesn’t mean jews and blacks started and perpetuated the systems that left black sin inferior positions in the u.s.

    i think a lot of people have been brainwashed by racists who actually hate BOTH blacks and jews to believe that jews caused this problem in the americas. seriously think about.

    • The reason you disagree is because you haven’t done the massive amount of research that I have. I’m not bragging. It’s just a fact. I spend massive amounts of time on this since most women are not worth the time these days. This is just a blog so I don’t quite every single source but all of my info comes from viable and unbiased sources as much as possible. The Jews have been forcibly evicted from nearly 130 countries over the centuries. Americans think anti-Semitism didn’t start until Hitler. Wrong. Way wrong. People have always hated the Jews because they are parasites. They always latch onto great civilizations and cultures, drain them like vampires and then move on the next one. It is all they do or have done since Biblical times and even before as the Babylonians, Sumerians, Phoenicans and other worshipers of Lucifer. Lucifer is all about atheism because it believes it is God. The truck is that Lucifer promotes religion to divide the people and then he crushes all of them and forces everyone to worship itself. That is well underway in America.

      Every time you see a problem in America or anywhere in the world you can trace it to the elite Jews. Of course it’s not all Jews. Many Jews have no idea what their elites are doing and prefer to just sit back and benefit from Jewish status but they largely still support the Zionist agenda from childhood brainwashing. What is Jewish status? Jewish status is being given special treatment by people who are Christians that believe Jews are God’s chosen people. It is also special treatment from people who believe Hitler’s Holocaust was directed ONLY at Jews and not other races like blacks as well. It was. The “death camps” were really worker camps for Germany’s space program. This has all been documented. Even the term anti-Semitism is a misnomer. European Jews are not Semites genetically. The Hebrews are. The Palestinians are but the Ashkhenazis are from the ancient Khazar kingdom in western Europe. They converted to Judaism around 420AD and became part of a sect known as the Essenes, who were different from the Pharisess and the Sadducees. This is all documented.

      Look at the media. It’s 98% owned by Jews. Why would they want such dominant control of the media? The media controls our minds. They own the NBA and NFL. They own the Supreme Court, Congress and the President who is one quarter Jewish on his mother’s side making him a true matrilineal Jew. They own our military through AIPAC and many other Israeli lobby groups. The porn industry is owned by Jews. Feminism was started by Jews to destroy the family. The NAACP was started by Jews to advance rights for Jews while blacks took all of the police beatings and lynchings. Jews use blacks to shield themselves from criticism and blacks are the scapegoats. They orchestrate division at every level of society to keep people distracted while they loot the Treasury. This is why they are evicted from every country but it appears America doesn’t have the balls to step up the task.

      How much evidence to Americans need? It is indisputable that Israeli Mossad were behind the attacks of 9/11. It is clear Israeli Mossad were behind the recent false flag in Norway. I understand that it is difficult for people to believe that there are a group of people that are so historically evil to the point of it being almost genetic but it is a fact. Everything in this world is not what it seems. There is good and evil here right now. Religion is a lie. It is all mind control. I’m sorry to tell you that most of us are doomed to return here if we do not realize this fact because reincarnation is real. Just because many refuse to believe it doesn’t mean they are subject to it upon death. Judaism embraces reincarnation so why did Jews remove it from Christianity? Surely you realize that Jews wrote the Bible. Now the world sits are the precipice because of the division created to destroy America and the world. Everyone is just projecting anger onto those who they blame and come into contact with everyday. The real enemy is sitting back in London, in DC, in New York, at the Vatican and other strategic elite location around the world. They know what is about to befall mankind because they stole the ancient secrets from the Egyptians who got them from earlier groups like the Assyrians. Everything you’ve been taught and told about history is a lie. You have to do the research, find some good internet radio and start putting the pieces together. It’s complex but ultimately it’s all about blood sacrifice and fear to maintain power via religion and money. Only you can free yourself even though we are really one consciousness outside of this world. I wish you well in your pursuit of freedom and the truth. Resist the duality of this 3D world of holographic lies.

      I listen to these programs primarily if you want to check them out but there are many others on the right path:

      Oraclebroadcasting.com – Truth Hertz with Charles Guiliani, Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers
      Theglobalreality.com – The Global Reality with Josh Reeves

      • “This is just a blog so I don’t quite every single source but all of my info comes from viable and unbiased sources as much as possible.”

        Why the hell can’t you just list these sources, if you’ve done so much research, it would go a long way towards proving your points.

        I list my sources when I write a blog. The fact that this is a blog, not a book, does not mean that the sources where you gets your facts are less important. If you are stating something unbelievable then the first step to convincing others it is true, is showing your sources.

      • Outstanding and well delivered. It’s been a tough road for me as I have sacrificed many false ideas instilled in me on the alter of truth. My research had led me unknowling to many of the conclusion that you have articulated here. Yet most importantly stated is the Jewish supremacists factor. All roads lead there. There truly is no to understand or truly begin to comprehend any of this many times baffling mystery without knowledge of the all pervasive Jewish supremacist factor.

      • Very interesting information and continue to spread that knowledge.

    • A good site on the true history of European Ashkhenazi Jews from ancient kingdom of Khazar. Remember they are NOT Semites. They lie. They always lie.


  8. Why can’t you do your own research and verify my claims for yourself? Like I indicated previously a blog is not a book. This is a hobby of mine. If you don’t believe what I’m saying and you don’t want to research it then that is your prerogative. You won’t believe it anyway until you discover the truth for yourself. Like the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

    • Actually if you gave me a list of your sources I could verify that they were viable and unbiased and I would then be willing to believe your statements. It’s a simple thing to give a list of sources if you have done so much research.

      You are the one making the claim, there for it is your responsibility to back it up with proof. That is how research works. I’m not responsible for researching your argument. You are.

      It is far more simple for you to give me a list of your sources and if you cannot supply that list I’m forced to believe that you are making up your argument from thin air. Is that really what you want? I just told you that if you give me verifiable proof I will believe it, just give me a list of sources.

  9. You’ve already said everything I said was batshit theories. Nice.That means you’ve already formed an opinion of my statements anyway. I’m not doing your homework for you. It’s your job to wake yourself up. Do you have daddy issues or something? I’m not spending hours compiling my various sources for a blog. I am writing several books so those will be thoroughly documented and sourced.

    • I said I believed that they were batshit crazy and that was because you provided no evidence.

      Just give me the names of a couple of sources, I don’t even need all of them. Just a couple, c’mon, I know you can manage that.

      I told you, if they are viable and unbiased I will believe them. Saying something that sounds crazy and not giving any sources for it, then being surprised when people call you on the lack of proof…yeah, that’s rational.

  10. Hey Black Man…Hang in there. I KNOW you’re tired because I feel your pain…but we have to resolve. “We’re all we got!” Our TRUE history and identity has to be found and applied BY “US”. I’m doing my part and I’m very pleased to see you doing yours. I’ll keep you in my prayers, as I know this world can JADE A PERSON BEYOND RECOGNITION. I do believe Jesus walked the earth and was able to avoid temptations. That’s his testimony and I love it!! He is an example that I use with all other examples from our ancestors; Good and Bad! I don’t believe he was God, though. I think that is “Black peoples” greatest misconception. He was human and our brother through God, but not God! Please don’t lose your faith in Us. We need you!! Much, much LOVE.

    p.s… Jabari IS lazy, because everything you mentioned here is on the internet and in BOOKS. You just have to dig, pray and humble yourself to receive the truth!

  11. If you had a shred of knowledge, or were around back when black went through hell and back to earn civil rights, you would know how far off you are.

    Jews were easily the most outspoken section of America to support the black civil rights movement and their solidarity was a major boon to effective civil disobedience. Its unfortunate that you didn’t talk to anyone around back then because without jewish support, the road to civil rights would have been far rockier.

    • First of all don’t come on my blog insulting me you like a Jew or Jew-lover. I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about and you are a moronic idiot not worth the skin Lucifer put you in. The Jews have been using blacks to make tactical gains for centuries and now have made whites so guilty and distracted via projected anger at non-whites that the entire world is now at the precipice. Jews also use blacks as guinea pigs to try their depopulation and social engineering techniques on first before unleashing it on European Gentiles. Clearly you have no knowledge of the esoteric or how the minds of the genetically-deficient Ashkhenazism work. Go read a book uninitiated one.

  12. I adore your blog, it’s really insightful.
    I always knew what is going on. but what i never knew was if people like me really exsit who knows what is going on. its shameful that most black people are not willing to open their eyes. … Dont answer to the little white lady who is flowing you about she might be jew because when someone writes about jews they always there to protest and say its a lies…

  13. Everything you said is spot on! I’m white, I know the truth when I read it, and I know what you wrote is the God’s honest truth. I love the truth!!! From what I read on the Internet, there are more blacks aware of these facts that you present, than any other group, and because this truth is being shared, it will help more people around the world to “wake up”! It happened to me! Thank you for this valuable information.

  14. Wowzers, the water’s inundated with maganese?!? And it makes u angry!!! Columbus was a yidd !?!?!? Aids ISN’T real !?! these are the ONLY points which need be substantiated. Everything else is self evident; it’s the Coon embeded within which prevents the nigger from conceding.

    The same year the United snakes of America out-lawed gold as a means of bartering; is the very SAME YEAR the Anti Defamation League was instituted. Yes, we all know what group of people they are there to protect.

    Recently in my county there was a scuffle at the Synagouge; someone threw a napaum (fire cock-tail) in the building which had around 5 people. They made it out safe, the fire was extinguished. A few days later the news anchor reported that the A.T.F & the F.B.I were investigating. DAAAMMNNN, did you here? THE A.T.F is investigating a gasoline soaked rag pushed in a liquor bottle, thrown at a synagouge. Where were they when the COPS (Constable On Patrol) emptied the clip on the young man down the street?? they even reloaded and kept shooting him AFTER he was dead !!!


    I’ve never heard asian or mexican men say how much they hate their women” -by MissBlackayo

    Indubitably. If she isn’t Ms.Booshwa, she’s Ms. I dont need a man…Ms.College degree. She’s angry, loud, arrogant, shallow and vain [may the pious be saved from her].


    I always knew what is going on. but what i never knew was if people like me really exsit who knows what is going on” -by Yas

    I Second that notion. But, were the last of a dying breed [even at 21-years old]


    there are more blacks aware of these facts that you present, than any other group” – by wml1000@aol.com

    Disagree. the Niggers are pre-occupied with T.m.z and B.E.T.
    who’s dating who, and the newest jordans and cellphones.
    Those who perceive the current plight of this wretched people, are infact, the old and fading generation. Being that “Children are the future” what good is the complaint of this old, washed-up, uncultured generation?? A lion roaring in the wilderness is what they are.

    Concerning the “curse” of Ham that u mentioned; aahhh I also sat thinking about it. Oh, how much have I sat thinking about it : (

  15. Black man in amerikkka is not Hammatic…read the cureses God’s chosen recieve in deuteronomy for not obeying his commands…even talks about slavery and ships also they shall be sold to their enemies as slave and no man shall buy them..We are the people of the book. The bible is a great and highly reliable history book if u know how to extract the hidden meanings from the pages…all you have to to is ask the Most High for the truth and you will receive it…but are you ready for it?….

  16. Here’s a look at the true Ethnicnocentric jewish supremacists http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOomBSTTzrU

    Britain, America, Europe and all it’s colonies lost WWII.
    The School of Frankfurt was a Jewish supremacist thinktank with the goal of destroying Christianity and the West, they fled Germany when Hitler got into power because of the horrors of Marxist Bolshevism. They set up in1930’s in America, the ideology was amended to corrupt and control USA. When Germany fell, Marxism was in full swing in the US and reconvened in Europe and have slowly dismantled Europe and the West ever since.

  17. Here’s a look at the true jewish supremacists http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOomBSTTzrU

  18. This blog is spot-on. Any black person who can’t see what jewish controlled Hollywood has done to black people is a fool. The entertainment industry has set the image of the black man around the world as bad. Never mind that the majority of black men are regular working class dudes. Yet the coonery and buffoonery that comes out of our community is the only thing ever portrayed in the media.

  19. I’m 67 years old and everything you say is true. I am a white guy who witnessef well to do Blacks in Boston who were Prince Hall Masons, voted Republican, had intact families pre-1970. A Ms Kaplan took over the Treasurer of the local NAACP and stole all the generous corporate donations into offshore shell companies and banks.Sadly, if Malcom X hadlived he would have exposed the incremental brainwashing. of blacks in the past 40 years . The communist jews use

  20. Nicely written article, Praise from Caesar! I’ve been reading about the subject for close to 7 years myself and most who are not familiar with the jewish question will be your harshest critics and distractors ( as if you didn’t already know that because it comes with the territory) who will talk down to you, make fun of you and call you a nutcase conspiracy theorist without providing any counterpoint of their own.

    Anyways if people took the time to do the research they will realize who was behind everything that you have mentioned in your article. Unfortunately, people have become to lazy and would rather make shortcut to thinking with their Ad hominem attack rather than trying to disprove what you said. Anyone who has done some research will realize that there is a jewish element behind all the degeneracy in america knowing that there main goal was to destroy and demoralize the white man in addition to the black family who was more intact prior to the 1960’s.

    I’m glad to hear that you are not a black sheeple and instead have come to realization who is behind the destruction of both the white and black races. Most blacks automatically blame “the white debil” for their shortcomings but at least you have the ability to see the complete picture behind the true destruction of the black people and for that I applause you and your effort.

  21. Brother Jabari has his right to formulate his own opinions… Most which are indeed factual.
    I work in fashion, which is Jewish controlled, from the conception of the garment , all the way through the supply chain, and finally at the retail level.
    While American blacks spend vast sums of money on the accesories, and the garments, I challenge anyone to find me a black designer who isn’t European.
    What troubles me more, is that minorities kill one another for things that have no , or little extrinsic value. Many of these items are grossly marked up. Most of these expensive clothes are made from petroleum by-products and recycled soda bottles. They’ve created an artificial value for polyester and acrylic. Walk into ZARA or any of those fast fashion retailers and judge the clothes by their natural material content/ price point. Clothes sold at Bergdorf and Saks are mostly composed of things that once lived, cashmere/wool are time tested for warmth and durability, polyester has no warming abilities ; hence the need to “bundle up.” These things are sold to us because we’ve become so dumbed down by marketing companies ribald claims and often they hire a black celebrity to pitch these inferior products.
    Minorities must absolutely be ahead of trends and “look good.” Even Makeup companies have joined in the destruction of the beautiful flawless black skin by marketing these petroleum products to our women-because of our oily skin, and tiny pores, we shouldn’t go near any of that crap.

    I’ve witnessed kids miss school in order to camp out in front of sneaker stores in anticipation for the latest Jordans or Foamposites- a fancy name for plastic sneakers.

    There is no place for people of dark skin in the higher echelons of fashion.
    Visit any top designer’s corporate headquarters… Dark skin is non-existent! They have no problem hiring black gay men because they pose no threat and are the firsts to eschew their black people. Black men are relegated to freight and salespeople- whites think blacks are “cool.”
    In a strange twist of irony, Black gay men emulate white Women; white men emulate black women.

    All this has to be created by someone who controls the resouces, the Real estate, the Media, the Brands, the capital to finance the designers. I wonder who fits that profile?

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