Why Astrology Sometimes Seems Untrue

June 18, 2014

A lot of people don’t believe in astrology because they think it amounts to vague daily horoscopes. That is not the essence of astrology. Some believe that astrology is devil work so they never look into it our of fear. I find that strange because some of those same people don’t mind lying, cheating, stealing and such as if God overlooks those negative attributes. Normally disbelievers fear astrology because they think it can predict the future and they hate not being in control of their own destiny or fate. Oddly many of these same people claim to believe in God which means God is always in control, apparently unbeknownst to them. Predictive astrology is only one branch of many so that monolithic view is oddly overreaching or perhaps under-reaching.

Astrology is really the sum total of what the astrologist brings to the table. For some reason nonbelievers do not afford that luxury to astrologists. We all have to perfect at our craft and there is no room left for varying interpretations. What they don’t understand is that astrologists cannot tell anyone what their birth chart means. All they can do in provide insight and interpretations of the symbols. The rest is up to the client, who hopefully has enough background to be up to the task at hand.

There are reasons why a birth chart analysis might be deemed inaccurate or at least lacking in some way. Sometimes people don’t know their birth time or their birth time is wrong. That is unfortunate because without the birth time the Ascendant and houses cannot be accurately determined unless a chart rectification is performed. Sometimes people are in denial about themselves and don’t want to accept certain aspects of themselves they prefer to keep hidden. I’ve even seen people agree with their analysis but like an Aquarius just disagree for the sake of disagreeing out of that fear of losing control. Too often the astrologist is just not that good and relies too heavily on pat interpretation and textbooks.

The main reason people disbelieve in astrology is because they claim a belief in free will. Astrology does not negate or neutralize free will. It supports it 100%. The birth chart is a snapshot of the planets and stars at birth. That is your clean slate as it were. Actually it’s more of a dirty slate from the karma of previous lives but that is another issue. People can and do change so you might meet a Pisces who actually is not that sensitive. You might meet a Leo who does not like the limelight. It happens. People change using their free will but not many, which explains why astrology is highly accurate over 80% of the times from my experience.

Finally no one can perform an analysis just by knowing one’s sun sign. Surely that’s a nice party trick and it is normally very accurate in general but a thorough birth chart analysis is the only real way to dig deep to uncover why a fire sign would love water signs so much or why Virgo might be lazy. The chart is a tapestry woven together from relevant previous lives where karma has “ripened”. Karma is not cosmic revenge. It is just nature’s way of getting you to correct behaviors that are keeping you from awakening your consciousness to claim your soul. Most people believe they have a soul already. That is inaccurate. You have a soul reserved for you but it in encased within the ego. Once the outer shell of ego is peeled away then your soul can be yours. It is the potential every human has within them. Unfortunately very few have ever realized it and very few will.

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