Astrologically Speaking……Goodell is Finished……..

September 14, 2014

Take a look at Goodell’s birth chart. He’s a Pisces-Aquarius cusper 2/19/59 with Gemini rising and Midheaven in Aquarius in western astrology. I don’t know the exact time of his birth so I didn’t pay much attention to the houses but clearly House I, II, III, VI  and XII would figure prominently. Those are self, money, communication, career and subconscious, respectively.


He’s got a lot of squares and oppositions in his natal chart above.  The inner planets in black are natal and the outer in green are transits:

Here’s his current set of hard aspect transits. It’s a shitload……………….

Moon Square Sun
Perhaps a sense of challenge or blockage just now. You may not find the support you flowing to you. Some sort of temporary obstacle may appear. You may feel frustrated.

Moon Square Mercury
Others may cut you off or make it difficult for you to express yourself today. You could find that you lack depth and feeling and the ability to move or communicate with others. Your ideas may not find the support you need.

Moon Opposition Jupiter
Not perhaps the best time to make important decisions that affect your living situation or life circumstances. Others may challenge your authority or the direction you are taking. Events could conspire to make it difficult for you to act.

Moon Square Pluto
You may find yourself at odds with those around you or with your life situation regarding issues of great sensitivity — very personal. Difficulties, blocks, and all manner of hot spots may be discovered and have to be worked through.

Sun Opposition Venus
You may come face-to-face today with someone who has very different values than you do. You could find yourself cast in an opposing position, and this might require compromise and understanding on your part. You may not appreciate authority now.

Mercury Square Moon
You may find that your ideas and thoughts run counter to what is going on around you, resulting in a lack of support or respect for what you think. There could be arguments, especially with younger persons.

Venus Opposition Mercury
You may not like the ideas or thoughts of someone who confronts you. What they say may seem inappropriate or be unappreciated.

Venus Square Mars
You may not feel like being very emotional and might tend to ignore any emotional needs that you might have. Your sense of values may be in conflict with your feelings.

Mars Square Sun
Emotions may flare up or arguments occur that work against your own best interests. Be prepared, and walk softly.

Mars Square Mercury
Excessive emotional energy could produce flare-ups, harsh words, and arguments. Your mind is very sharp (on hair trigger) during this time and can cause as much harm as good.

Mars Opposition Mars
You could have an emotional eruption with someone, an old-fashioned standoff. Tempers may be hot, as push comes to shove. Self-control might be in order.

Mars Square Pluto
Intense emotional drama is available if that is what you need. Your emotions are not in tune with the more sensitive and private areas of your life. Push on now and you risk some very turbulent emotional scenes.

Jupiter Square Neptune
Continued success on the career level may point to your abandoning some of your hopes and dreams, your ideals. While success is important, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Your ideals got you where you are. Try for a good compromise.

Saturn Square Uranus
This may not be an easy time, for events and circumstances may conspire to block your sense of freedom and independence. Someone challenges your ideas, finds them unconventional. It may not be easy to find new and suitable solutions to problems now.

Uranus Square Moon
An urge to change and try new things may challenge and upset your domestic scene or support system. In this case, your tendency to rebel acts at cross-purposes to those who care for you. A no-win situation that requires treading a fine line on your part.
Neptune Square Mars
Your current crop of dreams and ideals may not feel right to you or may seem to go against all that normally motivates you. It may be easy to be misled and to find yourself pouring energy and effort into directions that will bring no return.

Neptune Square Jupiter
A time when false optimism and high-falootin’ ideals may wind up affecting your career. It could be easy to make career moves now that are the result of deception, yours or somebody else’s. Your imagination carries you in a wrong direction

Neptune Opposition Pluto
Your dreams and ideals may conspire to ignore and push aside the need in you for real inner growth and transformation. If you get too carried away or lost in the dream world, you can expect to be hauled back by some very personal inner confrontations.

Pluto Opposition Moon
Your tendency to analyze, to probe, and generally to get at the heart of things finds itself at loggerheads with your living and support system. Others may resent your persistent prying and digging, and confrontations can be expected.


In short………….he’s probably out. I doubt if anyone could withstand all of these forces against them at once. Faux News is already talking about appointing Condi Rice as his replacement……..yup………no joke……..The psycho Jews that own the country probably waited until these transits to release the Ray Rice video tape to drive him out. I hope he doesn’t cave in. Violence is woven into the fabric of America. Goodell has nothing to do with that.

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