Move Black History Month To March

July 10, 2016

February is the shortest month of the year. It is also the coldest month of the year. I’m not saying confine Black History to any one month but it definitely needs to have an annual focal point. I’ve been trying to find out why this month was chosen but have found nothing satisfactory. I believe it was chosen largely because nothing else is going on except for Valentine’s Day. Blacks are very emotional people. We control the water of the planet. Water is Mater of mother in Latin, an Arabic derivative. If we are in charge of the water of this planet why isn’t Black History Month during the month of a water sign. I propose March because Spring begins in March and it warms up. It is the month of Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion and the Neptune the planet of spirituality. It is also a mutable signs which makes it flexible. Jesus was a Pisces if he existed in physical form. He definitely wasn’t a greedy stodgy Capricorn which is the zodiac sign for December 25th.

Instead we are stuck in the month corresponding to Aquarius. Even though we are entering the Age of Aquarius, Aquarius is not a good match for black people in general. It is a fixed air sign. That means we talk too much and always have to right. Aquarians are always trying stand out in a crowd for no good reason other than just to be different on contrary. They are stubborn and sometimes vindictive. They are known as being very hard to get along with because of their often bizarre behavior. Also Aquarius is ruled by Saturn the planet of restriction (also focus) and Uranus the planet of chaos. Of course Feb 19th – Feb 28th is Pisces but I’d rather have a month shared between Pisces and Aries. Aries are self-starters and that is what blacks need at this moment in our history….independence. We do not need any more stubbornness, restriction or chaos in our lives than we already have. Ya dig?

We can take April also since it has showers and we rule the water plus it is ruled by Mars/Aries early and Venus/Taurus at the end and we can definitely can use some Martian energy in healing our Venusian relationships and other things of value. It’s about self-esteem and valuing oneself. We can celebrate it whenever we want. We don’t have to wait for white approval for anything. Done.

Blak Rant

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