Trump’s Current Hard Astrological Transits

February 13, 2017

Not looking good right now for the Trump team folks.

Moon Square Midheaven
A frustrating time both at home and at work. A tendency to make poor choices and decisions regarding both. Tensions are high, so perhaps just relaxing and waiting this one out might be in order.

Sun Opposition Venus
You may come face-to-face today with someone who has very different values than you do. You could find yourself cast in an opposing position, and this might require compromise and understanding on your part. You may not appreciate authority now.

Sun Opposition Saturn
Obstacles to self-discipline or to your sense of organization may appear. You could be frustrated by someone in this regard, or external events might pile up and be thrust upon you. Authorities and red tape may stand between you and your goals.

Sun Opposition Pluto
Your own inner need for change and growth may be threatened by someone older or by circumstances. There could be some underhanded or devious goings-on behind the scenes as well. Tension of a psychological or political nature may be present.

Mercury Opposition Mercury
You could blurt out the wrong thing today or be unable to convey what you really intend to someone. Ideas and thoughts may not come with ease. Also, others may disagree with your ideas.

Mercury Square Jupiter
You could find yourself mentally acute and in a problem-solving mood. However, there is a real possibility that the decisions you make today and the solutions you find may have to be re-done tomorrow.

Venus Square Moon
You may not appreciate your surroundings, or someone younger than you does not measure up. Your values may be at odds (just for the moment) with those around you.

Venus Square Uranus
You may not value something extraordinary or unusual. Instead, you find yourself appreciating what is quite normal or ordinary.

Mars Square Moon
Emotional flare-ups, especially with younger people or those you spend time with are ,possible right now. You could push too hard and damage your living situation or means of support.

Mars Square Sun
Emotions may flare up or arguments occur that work against your own best interests. Be prepared, and walk softly.

Mars Square Uranus
Don’t take chances or risks just now. Be satisfied with the ordinary and usual. Novel ideas or insights could be more damaging than useful. Hectic emotional energy.

Jupiter Square Moon
Your career and life direction are putting some real pressure on your home and emotional life. Obviously you can’t live without both, so some kind of self-control on your part is indicated. You may have trouble with subordinates or younger people.

Jupiter Square Sun
You may be experiencing a bit of a crunch as your career direction (and path to success) squares off against your more personal interests. This may be a real test for you. Be careful not to blow an opportunity for success.

Saturn Square Mars
Not an easy period for most of us. Events conspire to work against our own ambition and drive, bringing obstacles and slowing progress to a halt. Easy to overdo, strain, and explode under these aspects, so take it easy. Bide your time.

Saturn Opposition Midheaven
A new start. Several years of self-examination and inner learning are coming to an end. Now you begin to feel a growing confidence in everything you do. You have found yourself in one sense or another and are on the move toward building a real future.

Saturn Square Ascendant
A time when you may feel your style is severely cramped, particularly concerning relationships and your own basic worth and self-image. It may be hard to convey yourself and to communicate with others. A lot is happening!

Uranus Square Moon
An urge to change and try new things may challenge and upset your domestic scene or support system. In this case, your tendency to rebel acts at cross-purposes to those who care for you. A no-win situation that requires treading a fine line on your part.

Uranus Square Sun
You may have to control an urge to rebel and be different that could set your ambitions and goals back a step. An inner struggle between your sense of purpose or direction and a need for independence and freedom makes this a possibly tense time.

Neptune Opposition Pluto
Your dreams and ideals may conspire to ignore and push aside the need in you for real inner growth and transformation. If you get too carried away or lost in the dream world, you can expect to be hauled back by some very personal inner confrontations.

Pluto Opposition Sun
Power struggles, with authorities in particular, can be one sign of this aspect. Your need for constant inner change and growth may end up setting you back as much as it helps. Your ambitions and basic life direction could be challenged.

Pluto Opposition Uranus
A time of legitimate tension when your need for security and privacy is challenged by all that is rebellious and unconventional within you. A need for deep self-examination cuts into any sense of freedom and independence you may have.

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