Will Whites Exterminate The Black Race?

July 25, 2018

The white supremacists can try to kill us all but they won’t. If they did try it would fail anyway. Why???????

1) They need to feed on our emotional energy to sustain themselves as energy vampires2) They need someone to blame for all their problems

3) The elite worship the black female womb because they know it is the source of all life

4) It would start a war with the white and and other nonblack sympathizers

5) It would be too expensive

6) It may provoke aliens to move in to counterattack

7) The Creator would NEVER allow it because it is our planet

8) They need to black male to become gay. He can’t do that if we’re all dead

9) They need our creativity to help solve their problems because they have none

EXTERMINATION IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! You have to understand metaphysics. If you don’t then nothing I just said will make sense. Take a class under Dr Phil Valentine http://kemetaphysics.org or watch some Bobby Hemmitt videos right here on Jewtube.

Stop fearing things that cannot and will not happen. It feeds the BEAST system. FEAR is false evidence appearing real. Whites care only about money and control. They prefer to keep anyone alive if they can make more “bucks” off them. They could have killed us all off during slavery but they didn’t. Why? Money. Only when we got free did lynching go into full swing. Why? Because it started to threaten their money when  became independent and started doing for self.

You always have to remember whites hate us because they want to be us. They are jealous. They are full of self-hate that they externalize and project onto us. What they want is a soul. Since they are degenerate manimal hybrids they will not be getting souls. Since they cannot have a soul they chose, in their minds, what is the next best thing…..make money and make sure we don’t make more than they do. Money is the white male’s dick. If he loses that then he has no reason to not commit suicide. Destroy the dollar and the white race will self-exterminate. Combine that with opioids, melanoma from UVC radiation, new diseases, heart disease from all the crap they eat, etc. and if anyone is going to be exterminated it’s the white race……not the black race.

Blak Rant

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