14 Facts about Afrikan-Centered Homeschooling

July 28, 2018


Facts about Afrikan-centered homeschooling

  1. You don’t have to give “letter” grades. What do they tell you, anyway?
  2. Your young warrior can go on to college.
  3. You don’t have to an expert in every subject. Use online and community resources.
  4. Only 2-4 hours of instruction is needed depending on the age and level of the young warrior.
  5. A portfolio tells you a lot more about what your young warrior knows than a standardized test.
  6. The young warriors don’t miss out on socializing with other children. *Socialization is a different. We, at Kamali Academy, prefer Afrikanization.
  7. You can stay in your Black Panther pajamas all day.
  8. Young warriors get more rest.
  9. Your cultural and spiritual beliefs can be the basis of the curriculum. *Rites of passage is essential.
  10. Your young warrior can play sports.
  11. You can homeschool from K-12 or from baby warrior to warrior scholar. How beautiful is that?
  12. The world is our classroom. Get out in the world, travel, learn.
  13. You can cater to your young warrior’s interest and passion. *Try that in the public fool system.
  14. If you’re Afrikan, an Afrikan-centered education is only appropriate.


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