Venus Combust In Cancer and In Gandanta!!!!!!

August 15, 2019

This is just a warning about a vedic planetary transition taking place currently that is going to cause a lot of arguments and fighting. Get ready for it. Most people are just physically grown children who cannot handle their emotions, which is why I prefer to be a hermit.


When the Sun and Venus are close to the same degree the Sun overpower Venus and it is called combust.  Also the Sun and Venus will be moving into gandanta meaning the last degree of a water sign (Cancer) and moving into a fire sign (Leo). It is going to be explosive as hell. People are going to die. Females hate having the Venus blotted out like this and then when you switch the water to fire the whole goddamn kettle goes nuclear. Watch what you say and do is all I can say. There will be blood. Understand that females don’t give a shit about the law when these type of arrangements happen. Saturday is not a good day to go out. I know I’m not. Pussy ain’t worth it folks. If I do it will be a weed run only.


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