Why Does Patrick Steward Have A Thing For Redheads?

September 5, 2019

Star Trek is 100% programming and brainwashing in every way. Patrick Stewart is probably just as tired of the dumb shit (we cannot go into space) as he is the X-Men drivel. Space is the black womb of melanin. The X-men are nothing but conscious melanated people. We have the genetic code that gives us superpowers that has been locked down and labeled junk DNA but is now re-awakening since the Great Mother’s long nap is over.

The red hair symbolizes the fire of the kundalini raising from the root chakra to the crown. Only melanoids can do it. The others (pinks and yellows) are trapped in the lower three chakras because they were genetically engineered and not born through a melanated womb which imparts a soul. This is why they are so obsessed about time and money and melanoids are not…at least when in our rights minds which is rare these days.

Blak Rant

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