Is Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Craze Really Just Cannibalistic Communion?

November 9, 2019

Once the media started extensively covering the new Popeye’s chicken sandwich I knew something had to be up because nothing is coincidence and everything is a ritual. If it’s on TV then you know there are Jews behind it….yes the disgusting creatures who have been impersonating us for thousands of years.


So they ran out on August 27th and they resurrected it on November 4th appropriately on National Sandwich Day. There is a damn national dumb ass for everything now. Whatever……Sounds like Jesus dying on the cross and then being resurrected 3 days later, in this case 3 months later, to me.

I started thinking to myself what does this chicken really represent other than something extremely unhealthy with a whopping 700 calories of grease and fat? Who knows what other shit is really in it. They will never tell and neither will the people they source from. Then I heard part of one of Bobby Hemmitt’s lectures where he talks about the demon god Abraxas and how it has a rooster’s head. Well a rooster is a male chicken. Then I discovered that Abraxas is just another name to El Cristo Negro, Heru or Jesus. Boom!!!!

Basically Popeyes also can be spelled Pope Yes or Pop Eyes which is nothing but the Vatican’s Holy See. They are the ones who believe they own the souls of everyone on the planet and enforce it through the central banking scam system using the strawman birth certificate and maritime law in court. Now things are making sense. They know most black people are Jesus freaks so they have you symbolically eating Jesus like the communion being the blood and body of the Christ. These symbols are in your subconscious whether you know it or not.

serveimage (1)

Now there has been a death from a stabbing when one black guy was perceived as jumping line on another black guy. Notice it had to be two black guys and only two black guys. Notice it was not a gun. It has to be a stabbing because Jesus was stabbed on the cross. The stabbing victim also had to die just like Jesus symbolized by Popeyes running out of chicken sandwiches only to rise again on the 3rd month. Notice this is all very close to Christmas as well. It’s only weeks away. This was a Satanic death ritual used to drum up business for Popeyes but also for the entire shopping season as well which always start on the day after Thanksgiving……BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!


We have no idea how badly we are being used by the Kabbalists and Freemasons. Wake up…..if you can. Look at all the trouble they go through to keep us asleep. That alone should tell you what you really are. Ase.

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