Trump Is A Metaphor For All “Whites”

November 16, 2019

People are either 100% behind Trump like some fascist dictator the likes of Mussolini and Pinochet or they either think he’s a complete fuck-up and an idiot. Clearly the latter group is seeing things more clearly. Trump has so many mental disorders (and probably physical too) that no psychologist is willing to come forward and diagnose him publicly even though they are permitted to do so. They know Trump being the man-child he is would go into a rant and probably sue them in court for libel and slander. Either way they don’t want risk ruining their livelihood over this idiot who will most likely be reelected because he knows how to play to role of a strong pack leader. His supporters live in their reptilian brains and so the wolf pack mentality is how they live their lives……if you want to call them alive.

Let’s take a look at some of the most obvious stuff. He’s fat and orange with the lips of an orangutan and the vocabulary of a 3rd grader.  Look at this howling animal of a baboon. They should have his ass on exhibit in the West Wing with a sign “DO NOT FEED THE IDIOT!!!!!”.

Trump, Washington, USA - 02 Oct 2019


This is the worst nightmare come true for “white” males. Their leader is an idiot. “White” males pride themselves on their intelligence or what they call intelligence. They really are not that smart. They take what others have done, dice it up, scramble it and then spit out the pieces out some random omelet concoction that really doesn’t do much of anything except further destroy nature…..them being unnatural beings themselves. Then they even have the nerve to give themselves awards for it. Their arrogance has no bounds and no parallel. The “white” male thinks he can somehow win the love and loyalty of the “white” female (who is incapable of it) by proving his manhood through intelligence which is really nothing but overcomplexity when you really look at it. They live in the constant fear of being genetically annihilated by “non-white” or melanated people. They alleviate this fear by suppression of it through drugs, repression of it by altering true history with public miseducation and finally through oppression of the black male through overt and covert violence. Everything they do is a cover for their internal insecurities and self-hatred. “Blacks”, especially “black” males are the expiation for their sins. We represent a way for them to vent their self-hatred so they don’t have to kill themselves….which is really what they want to do. I sure as hell wouldn’t stop them. They deserve it 100%.

Every day I get up I think to myself..here we go again with these psychos who are unwilling or either unable to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror. Freud and Jung came up with some theories but what ails them can only be diagnosed by melanated people looking in from the outside…..and it’s horrific what they really are….humanoid hybrids with animal DNA. They try to pretend we have no proof and that we are reverse racists. Those words don’t even make any sense but they don’t have to with “whites” as long as it evokes and stokes the flames of hatred so they project more of their obvious self-hatred onto us. Even without the scientific evidence we have plenty of evidence from the jew-vies. They always put some truth on TV and the big screen. Some theorize it lessens their karma. I doubt it. If the people aren’t aware of the truth because you have miseducated them and dumbed them down then how can they possibly decode anything?


For example take the “The Island of Dr Moreau”. It was not a movie. It was a documentary about how “whites” were created. Black DNA was used and cross-bred with wolves and apes. This explains why they are so damn furry. Take a look. It’s fur……NOT HAIR!!!! This is why they smell like sulfur when they get wet. Devils always smell like sulfur. Their melanin is called pheomelanin and it’s sulfur-based. There’s your wet puppy dog funk. Look at how they love raw and rare meat. Sushi is one of their favorites. They will eat anything. Like George Carlin said ” If you have sauteed racoon’s assholes on a stick…people would buy them and eat them”. By people he meant his own people…..”white” people. “Whites” are only about 10% of the world population but they consume half of the food. Check the stats for yourself. I already did. Look at their perverted forms of sex. They love anal, cum swapping and swallowing, yellow and brown showers, bestiality and on and on and on. They are always molesting and raping their own children. We learned that from them.


Similarly the Old Testament is not about how all of humanity was created. It’s about how “whites” are ashamed of their lack of eumelanin and so they pretend that it is superior and bury their self-hatred inside while projecting it onto people of color…..mostly “black” males who are the darkest and have the greatest physical potential to genetically annihilate them. Frances Cress Welsing already covered this extensively in her magnum opus “The Isis Papers”. She basically decoded the symbols present in European society that “blacks” basically ignore but give you all the evidence you need to know what they have locked up in their subconscious and unconscious. It’s some sick shit people….very sick.

gun dick

But the answer lies not in psychological therapy. “Whites” will never even admit they have a serious mental problem from their defective DNA and genes from the hybridization process that was done to create them. Admitting their flaws would be tantamount to “white” genocide because their self-hatred would have no other outlet than themselves. That is what we want….implosion…..the Art of War. We must figure a way they can no longer ignore what is buried deep within them….the fear of genetic annihilation. They are a race of eumelanin haters…period. Also their goddamn pineal glands are mostly calcified so this is why they cannot hear the voice of the Divine. That voice can only be heard by those emerging into this real through a melanated womb…..not the dead, yeasty breadbox of the “white” female who cannot even nurse her own children to health and had to have “black” mammies do it for her.

Many believe “whites” are just African albinos who were cast out from the motherland and then migrated to Europe and over time they became the “whites” of today. I don’t buy that bullshit because they would have died in that cold without much real food. Also “whites” don’t look like the normal albinos who almost appear to have leprosy. There was some other DNA tampering that happened to create what they now call the “white” race. Also it takes millions of years for evolution to make changes like that. They cannot happen in the few thousand years that “whites” have been existence……no way Jose.

In the end it doesn’t matter how they were created. All that matters is how to destroy them. Nature is doing it for us to a large degree because she recognizes that they are not supposed to be here. We should also do our part to help since we are part of nature ourselves. Don’t make her do all the work herself. It might take a lot longer that way. The easiest way is separate from them but we refuse to do that because our brainwashing has made us psychologically and financially dependent upon them even though we survived and thrived for hundreds of thousands of years before they even showed up. That’s the proof we don’t need them for shit. We already did it before. The second way is “black” love. “Whites” hate that shit. When they see it you can tell a part of them dies inside because they are thinking what it must be like to be melanated, to have a soul, to actually experience true love…all things that are beyond their grasp as genetically engineered creatures. Another way to end this insanity would be to force “whites” to look at themselves for what they truly are…..wicked beasts and genetic rejects of nature.


We are in the Age of Aquarius which is the Age of Truth. They cannot hide their gruesome origin much longer. There are all sorts of things happening right now that they cannot see or detect with their lame ass technology but they are happening none the less. The separation is happening. They know it at an emotional level which is why all the programming is being ramped up to make us gay, to break up our families, to outright slaughter us, to cannibalize us, to steal our body organs and more. We are witnessing the end of their so-called species. I believe they will be extinct by 3/22/2023 but I’m fine with it happening before that. Time isn’t real anyway. We just think it is in this dimension. When “conscious blacks” ascend to the 4th and 5th dimension all hell is going to break loose here. We are the only ones keeping this shit halfway glued together and I for one am sick and tired of being used as a goddamn Duracell so they can frolic all over the planet disrespecting God, nature and humanity.




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