The Racial Symbolism of 48 Hours End Scene

December 7, 2019

This shit is deep. It just came to me this morning. Ganz says he has everything. At first it just sounds like some dumb, redneck cracker talking shit to a cop. Nope. He says he has the cop’s gun (his black dick), the money (fig leaves to hide the shame of white skin from the Garden of Eden) and the hostage Eddie Murphy is a literal black dick full of eumelanin. Nick Nolte becomes a black man temporarily with no fear and uses his other gun (black dick) to save the black man from the white man. So in the white mind dicks and dollars  are everything to them. Whites have no idea why they do the things they do….and they don’t want to know either which is why nature must destroy them and is destroying them. There is no way to mend the mind when you cannot admit there is a problem.

Blak Rant

racism justice equality melanin race white supremacy freedom liberation self-determination

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