The Symbolism of the Priest Collar

December 14, 2019

Google priest collar for the origin of the practice and you will see a bunch of stories about European religion during the 1200s-1400s. Who cares? What really matters is the symbolism. The collar is around the neck and the neck is represented by Taurus astrologically. Taurus is all about family and money. collar

Putting ropes around our necks and hanging up from trees used to be (and still is) a favorite sport and pastime of pink skins. Symbolically they were making money by separating us from our families. The rest of the priest suit has to be black because they are pretending to be black just like with blackface…..pretending to have color in their skin like us….like God.

The neck is also where your sound cords are so that is where the vibration of speech originates. We all know that whites think they are so smart that they never shut the fuck up spewing nonsense of verbal diarrhea. They want to become God through their words because in the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God and the word was God. It will never happen. They are a bunch of genetic rejects trying to hide their shame without nothing but lies. We know where they came from…..caves. We know all their diseases are from them having sex with animals and then they pass it onto blacks.



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