The Perverted Symbolism of the Xmas Tree

December 23, 2019

So-called white people are constantly creating and using symbols to mask their inherent genetic insecurities. A perfect example is their goddamn Xmas tree. This is so obviously a huge black dick and the semen coming out of the tip the star or soul. The ornaments are testicles which provide the semen.

xmas tree

Why the color green? Because green is the color of the fig leaves Adam and Eve covered themselves with in the Garden of Eden in shame for having no melanin and being all pale and pasty like a dead person or ghost. That’s why they are always trying to get a tan in any way possible even at the risk of cancer and death.


That’s how much they really hate themselves but they project that hatred onto us through racism and then use money to compensate themselves for their lack of melanin aka a soul. The more insecure they feel they more money aka dollars aka fig leaves they need to cover their shame and hide their symbolic nakedness.

And of course where do the presents go? Right at the shaft of the black penis where the children can come on Xmas morning and open them almost like a hen roosting her eggs. White people are some sick mother fuckers. They have no idea how their minds really work….and even worse they don’t care. Their time is up. It’s time for nature to take out the genetic garbage so civilized people can return to rule.


Blak Rant

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