Rothschilds Moving Quickly To Cashless Society

January 24, 2020

The World Economic Forum was held this week in Davos (SAVED backwards like they’re saving us from something or a Jesus reference for mind control) and you can tell it’s all about the money….as usual….since it makes their world go round. To be more specific it’s all about the digital currency. The central banks, run by Rothschild Jew scum, are pushing harder and harder for CBDCs or central banking digital currencies. A year or so ago they were all excoriating blockchain and cryptocurrencies as not backed by anything….as if the dollar is backed by anything anymore after the Jew FDR stole all of the gold and did God knows what with it. Now all of a sudden they are pretending like we’re all going to die if we don’t adopt them and adopt them now!?!?!? Why???

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It’s the Hegelian dialectic in its purest form.

  • Create a fake problem: The dollar is falling (in reality they are crashing it on purpose)
  • Wait for public reaction: Create fear through unemployment, false flag shootings, wars, etc.
  • Present the solution: Gun control, cryptocurrency, more surveillance like CCTV in London, police state, etc.

So why move to digital currency when we know now that Bitcoin is mined using a proof of work algorithm that is terrible for the environment because it consumes huge amounts of power computing the hash solutions to the puzzles that are solved to confirm transactions? They have Greta Thunberg, an obvious Jewish name and a plant, screaming to the world that climate change is going to kill us all and yet over 90% of bitcoin is still mined using proof of work and being mined in huge mining pools in China!!!! That’s right. The same people that could destroy us instantly if they stopped pegging the dollar to their yen. The same people who are snarfing up Africa. The same people who basically own California now and huge tracts of land in Texas. The dollar is already dead folks. It’s just being propped up like someone on life support. With cryptocurrency they’re going to pull the plug on the dollar.

See for yourself in these very recent articles:






They’ve apparently fixed the scalability issue as well which no doubt never existed and that will be included in the Taproot soft fork coming soon. It’s funny that they don’t mention much about Ethereum which is light years ahead of Bitcoin in many ways with its 2.0 update around the corner this year.

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Let’s just drop the bullshit about the inventor of bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto is not some Japanese guy. It’s just an alias being used by the Jewish elite and the CIA in a similar fashion to Al Qaeda and ISIS or Israel Secret Intelligence Service. They always lie to maintain control. It’s all they know. So what does all this mean? Well it means an end to side hustles where the government won’t be able to collect taxes. They don’t care about modernizing society for the conveniences. They want to make tax evasion impossible for the masses even though it’s the norm for them. All transactions will be tracked online. People will have to return to bartering eventually to stay off the grid. If you have all of your assets digitized the government can just freeze all of your accounts if they think you’re a rabble rouser. This is some serious fascism folks.

Finally notice how all of this techno jargon references being trapped or dead like net, intern, crypto, chains, etc. Words matter. And of course all of banking is based on the strawman or the all caps dead version of your name created out of thin air at birth through the Certificate of Live Birth.

Every time you pay any debts it’s the debts aka deaths of the strawman who you are legally responsible for even though your consent was never given. They falsely assume you consent from your parent’s signature on your birth certificate which is a bond!!!!! It’s all the Vatican folks. We are monetized at birth as slaves to Rome and Britain as soon as we slide out of the womb!!!!! Fucking sickness…..and you know AI and machine learning are going to be a major part of this too.





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