Can Whites And Asians Ever Change?

March 7, 2020

Apocalypse, Symbolism and Coronavirus

Sounds good but won’t happen….at least not in America and probably not anywhere in Asia either. When you have a high level of self-hatred like most Europeans and Asians do they attempt to compensate for it by trying to acquire more material possessions because they think other people will like them if they see they have nice things. That’s asinine and it doesn’t work that way. What happens is most of those people become jealous of you and hate you if they have less than you do or even if they have similar things to you. Ever since the dawn of Europeans and Asians this has been the #1 problem of the world. Europeans hate themselves and they project it onto blacks/natives/indigenous/Africans/nature and then into corruption, etc. They refuse to take a step back and address the real reasons and causes for their massive self-hatred that gets projected onto innocent people, places and things all over the planet as an expiation for their sins. Will they ever take that long hard look in the mirror?

HELL NO!!!!!! They cannot do it even if they wanted to. They are not like us. They do not have souls….not most of them anyway. What they are is part of their animalistic, hybridized genetic code and it cannot be changed…..not easily anyway. They will make some good speeches and ban plastic straws but nothing substantive will change. The European is incapable of changing because they view everything in the world as an animal does….US vs THEM!!!!!! They have had centuries to get it right but all they ever end up doing is chasing more and more paper to compensate for their collective lack of self-worth….the proverbial Adam and Eve is the Garden and Eden stripped bare naked and searching for fig leaves to hide their shame of demelanation and not being able to withstand the rays of the Sun for very long. Everything they do is toxic to the environment and ironically they end up making themselves sick and dying….all in their never-ending pursuit of more and more money….the only wheel that gets the grease. We can talk about this forever but enough words have been said. They’re doomed. Karma must be paid for what they have done, what they are still doing and even for what they may do with the little time they have left. They won’t be missed. Let’s not make a sequel please.

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