The Devil’s Playbook (How To Destroy A People)

March 14, 2020

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  1. Steal the land to separate the people from nature. Without the land you cannot grow your own food or obtain clean water.
  2. Steal their spiritual system and convert it into a religion of guilt, shame and fear for control. Make them worship your gods.
  3. Re-write history to minimize their contributions and mis-educate them in public schools. Omit their history from everything except for the pacifists like MLK.
  4. Destroy the relationship between the males and the females by making the females into victims and the males into homosexuals.
  5. Destroy the family institution
  6. 100% control of media for propaganda and brainwashing.
  7. Debase society by normalizing homosexuality and gay marriage.
  8. Chemically dumb the people down by putting flouride and other toxins into the drinking water. Also drop chemtrails on them from above.
  9. Create feminism so that females ignore the family and pursue materialism so that children can be destroyed.
  10. Get everyone hooked on drugs….whether recreational, prescription or food additives. Of course make a bundle on treating diseases instead of curing them.


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