Why Pink Skins Stay In Charge

May 6, 2020

Pink skins like to claim they have created so many things that melanoids have actually done but never gotten credit for it. The pink skins can only create one thing and one thing only: DEATH. They invent all sorts of ways to harm people of color and even each other at times. It’s all part of their animal genetic. It also happens to be the one thing they fear the most because they know there is no way any of them could go to a batter place in the afterlife (which they don’t have anyway) after all the crimes they have committed all over this planet. This is why it is paramount for them to brainwash us to “believe” in their phony religions because WE are God in flesh that they worship. We are Osiris and Isis and Horus the Holy Trinity but they change the race of the divinities to match their skin complexion. Regardless, WE ARE THE TRUE JUDGE OF THEM!!!!! But If God believes in the god of the pinks aka Jesus then that means we also embrace what Jesus taught even though he never really existed. And what did Jesus teach? Forgiveness. Turn the other cheek. We keep forgiving pink skins for everything they have ever done, still are doing and will ever do and we wonder why we cannot solve the race problem. Understand that race only exists within the mind. It is not real. It is a social and religious construct that says anyone referring to themselves as white is automatically forgiven by the Gods in flesh that call themselves black. I think you can now see why pink skins, including so-called Jews, have been able to commit so many atrocities and still have yet to be held accountable for them on any mass scale. We continue to reject our own true divinities from ancient Kemet and Kush. Despite that even today Christians still say Amen which is Amen-Ra or the hidden sun or the soul…..a soul they don’t have which is why they hate us so much. The pink skins say AMEN because they know they have your soul trapped is lies causing your mind is malfunction. Mind is all. Get yours fixed.

Blak Rant

racism justice equality melanin race white supremacy freedom liberation self-determination

V.K. Jehannum

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