July 13, 2020
A disease that mainly black American females suffer from. Black women who tend attract and date undesirable low standard uneducated black men (thugs, hustlas, pimps, playas etc). They also tend to have illegitimate children by different fathers. These men will later become dead beat dads. If the men stay, they become freeloaders and live in a dysfunctional relationship with these black women. They become very bitter and complain about the lack of available decent black men not realizing many of the poor choices they made in their past. Black men who interracially date/marry and gay/bisexual black men tend to become scapegoats for their relationship problems. Failing to realize that black men in interracial relationships and gay/bisexual black men are in a minority and are not enough to cause a shortage of black men in the dating pool for black females. The main problem is that black females in their youth, tend to look at and consider the black nice guys as nerds, herbs, corny, lame, and undateable. While choosing to date the bad boys (thugs, hustlas, playas etc.) despite their are known for being uneducated, immaturity, and reputations for heartbreak. Black women have relationships with these undesirable men until they become undesirable themselves to any other single black male who are independant, educated, and successfully employed. Who they NOW want after a string of bad relationships.
Tomika suffers from a severe case of Bum-A-NiggaTosis, she has a son by KeShawn who is doing 3 to 5 years in prison for assault. She has a daughter by a dude named Parish, who ran out on her and pays no child supports or even sees his girl. Her last boyfriend Big Kev used live in her apartment, had no job, had two kids with her, and cheated on her. She now constantly complains about the lack of good black men to date and marry.
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