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July 17, 2020
The great Bantu Biko, once said that fear is an important determinant in South African politics. In fact, that’s what all governments use to contain the civilians. Fear, is not the power that one attains, but the power that he is given by the ones who fear him.
Allow me, to quote the legendary Biko:
“It is a fear so basic in the considered actions of black people as to make it impossible for them to behave like people—let alone free people.”
“One must not underestimate the deeply imbedded fear of the black man so prevalent in white society. Whites know only too well what exactly they have been doing to blacks and logically find reason for the black man to be angry. Their state of insecurity however does not outweigh their greed for power and wealth, hence they brace themselves to react against this rage rather than to dispel it with open-mindedness and fair play.”
“It sometimes looks obvious here that the great plan is to keep the black people thoroughly intimidated and to perpetuate the “super-race” image of the white man, if not intellectually, at least in terms of force.”
“Powerlessness breeds a race of beggars who smile at the enemy and swear at him in the sanctity of their toilets; who shout “Baas” willingly during the day and call the white man a dog in their buses as they go home. Once again the concept of fear is at the heart of this two-faced behaviour on the part of the conquered blacks.”
The legendary Bantu Biko, in his book which comprises more treasure than the mines of Kimberley, which were exploited by John Cecil Rhodes and his compadres; he clearly describes how fear is not only an emotion but, rather a system used to oppress nor intimidate the naïve ones. The legendary Biko, stated that fear makes it impossible for its objects to behave like free people. Simply, fear keeps you contained; it is something which is utterly abstract, yet is more colossal vis-à-vis any concrete matter nor object. Fear keeps you from vocalizing your true thoughts, feelings and emotions; it keeps you in a box, and lulls you with the idea of altering that dream shattering box into a querencia. One, might also conclude that the aphorism “Some words are better left unsaid” was made prevalent by objects of fear; however, one should also not be oblivious to the irrefutable fact that this aphorism is multifold than meets eye. Fear keeps a doubtful learner from raising their hand to vocalize their idea, owing to the deep thoughts of fear of making an error. Perfection, one may conclude that it is a quintessence of fear of mediocrity, nor the other may conclude that it is simply the love of excellence; depending on which side of the table you’re sitting at.
Fear, truly is a hilarious part of our lives because it the reason why we try to oppress others nor keep them below us or at the bottom; even better, to strike fear in their hearts. In essence, fear, like jubilation and a smile, it is contagious.
It is fear which made Europeans colonize, enslave Africans, steal their wealth, work tirelessly to conceal Africans’ true history of wealth and power. Fear, is the reason why a Caucasian would sell the farm that was stolen by his ancestors from Bantu people, at a hefty price when a rich Bantu person nor the native wants to purchase that piece of land, in order to make the purchase of the land an impossible mission for the willing buyer, who happens to be a Bantu man. Fear is the reason why Caucasians would lull the natives with the idea of equality yet they refuse to distribute nor share the wealth that they stole from the natives. Fear makes the Caucasian government to send out a preponderance of its “security boys” (Bantu policemen),  as the legendary Biko would allude to the cops who are ubiquitous in Bantu communities, to patrol in the townships daily. Fear is the reason why drug abuse is prevalent in Bantu communities, while there’s utter order in non-Bantu dominated communities, or in the suburbs.
Fear is the reason why Bantu schools nor township schools don’t provide Bantu people with the right education; fear is the reason behind this justice system which seeks to, rather, prove a Bantu man’s guilt in lieu of actually providing justice. Fear is the reason why mainstream media is used to control the general public. Fear is the reason why these NGOs from Europe and America choose to provide food for Africans, in lieu of providing scholarships or skills development for those communities, which they claim that they are helping. Fear is the reason why Africans are encouraged to be devout believers of the European religion, but discouraged from acknowledging their ancestors and their cultures; Fear is the reason why we have man-made diseases, which are complemented by vaccines and treatments, in lieu of a cure; Fear is the reason why the poverty of Africans is maintained for centuries, the same way the wealth of Caucasians, in Africa, is maintained; fear is the reason why tribalism, misogyny, misandry, gender-based violence are prevalent in Bantu communities; the goal is to prove to the world that Bantu people are savages that can only be civilized by Europeans. It is fear that makes these Caucasians to be so obsessed with controlling the African population and using a subtle way of destroying family structures, in Bantu communities.
Fear, makes one to lose utter logic; hence, we have people who hate people who have never offended them, insulted them, or stole from them, simply because of their race, skin color, nationality, sexuality, and for making life choices that are different from those of the ones who abhor them. Fear, makes people lose their sanity. The 1948 government of South Africa would fail to provide logical reasons for stealing the wealth of Bantu people and treating them like terrorists in their ancestors’ land. Fear is the sole reason why Bantu people were assassinated, tortured or arrested for fighting for freedom, justice and equality; but Caucasians who committed gruesome crimes were given a lenient punishment, which is the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Council). That alone, has proven that as much as Caucasians love to throw Bantu people in prison, they, themselves, fear it more than docile Africans, who label themselves “Christians”, fear the Caucasian god. Fear is the reason why Caucasians decided to give Africans democracy, in lieu of utter independence and freedom.
The most hilarious part of fear, is that it impels mortal humans to live excessively cautious because they utterly fear death.
Fear, is the sole reason behind Bantu people who bewitch, kill or steal from their own people, who are showing signs of progress. It is the fear that the other person will be better than them, in lieu of focusing on their own strong points. The irrefutable fact nor truth, is that no one will better than you if you spend more time in ameliorating yourself and focus on being excellent in what you’re already good at. However, it shows that our communities are filled with indolent, fearful people who will do whatever it takes to eliminate the ones who strike fear in their hearts.
The mirror company, is a household name, without even having to make ads to gain new leads which would, eventually, be altered into loyal customers. Everyone consults their mirror before they face the world, owing to the fear of leaving the house with flaws on our visages. Fear, makes us do utterly imbecilic things while we’re in utter oblivion.
Fear impels us to live life with excessive caution, which often prohibits us from moving freely. Fear, makes us choose a 9-5 over attempting to alter our dreams into reality.
In essence, fear is a disease which hinders progress and keeps its objects at utter disease.
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