Why Will, Jada and August in the News

July 18, 2020

why are will smith, jada and august in the news? its another ritual to counteract the effect of all the ancestors that return every august!!!!! it’s the most powerful most of black unity, resistance and achievement. check the calendar below to see and that’s not all!!!

Annotation 2020-07-18 123545

the jewish media wants to dilute it with this emotional nonsense and tripe. remember will smith is a life path 22 very rare which means freemasonic master builder but the jewish media uses him as a master destroyer for them.

life path

you’re being played if you give this your attention. it will drain your melanin and give the enemy power. energy flows where attention goes. ignore them and watch them fall.

Expressions from The Melanin Man

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Blak Rant

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