Iowa Derecho Like A Mini-Hurricane

August 19, 2020

These are going to become daily and commonplace. They spin up in 30min and can wipe out small towns and cities in an hour or two.


  1. I am in a major city, so I don’t get a good view at night. But I keep hearing that if you look to the North in the night sky, you can see the outline of another planet or dark sun that is right here, as close as the moon. Whether this is some other planet or our own sun that is causing this weather … this should get really interesting.

  2. Yes everything is dual. We been listening to lying ass crackas for so long we have forgotten the laws of the universe. You can’t have one sun without another. One is the father and the other the mother and they give birth to new sons/suns as above so below. There is a black sun just like this one has become white. CMEs are being ejected from the Sun right now on all sides. Bobby Hemmitt said you will wake up one day in a new world…not 3D without pinkazoids but a new world. I feel like it might be tomorrow morning. Everything I think is being mirrored back to me from other ppl. That means it’s very close. You know what I mean because the black woman is thousands of times smarter than us. I’m just lucky I got a bunch of feminine signs so I can halfway understand. I can’t wait for ya’ll to turn up and end this bullshit. Stupid ass money and payin’ bills and taxes. Black folk worried about hell and already been in it hundreds of years. smh……

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