Black Vulcans Need Apply!!!!!!

August 21, 2020

black vulcan


  1. I really liked Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager. It’s like most of of the folks around me are not thinking logically. They think that once the vaccination is released and we have a new president, that everything will go back to normal. I try to tell friends and family that its never going back to the way it was … which is a good thing. They feel like they have too much vested in the system to let it go. They won’t have a choice.

  2. yeah they are clamping down big time now to cause fear and more fog in the astral realm of emotions. the people cannot think because the jewish media has clouded the 5th dimension. i can barely piece together my dreams now from all the dumb shit in there. most probably cannot even dream anymore because there is so much artificial shit in there from netflix, hulu, etc. hey it’s not our fault. they all made a choice.

    i’m making a podcast about how family really is not that important tomorrow. even bobby hemmitt agreed with me. it’s not about mother and child at least until they grow up so don’t think that. it’s about when everyone is grown and you are not in sync with family you can tell they are not your real people. check it out tomorrow. you can’t call bullshit with bobby hemmitt backing me up!!!! haha…….

  3. I can’t wait 😊

  4. dere it is!!!!!! today is powerful with all the ancestor energy!!!!! i can feel them!!!!!! and there are no “ain’t shit niggas” included!!! haha……..

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