Why Family Ain’t Shit….(no more)…..

August 22, 2020

no fam


  1. Wow, I needed to hear this today. Because both sides of my family are rooted in religion. I am like the outsider, but they always come to me when they get sick looking for suggestions on what could help. The problem is usually diet related and they usually don’t want follow my advice, so they end of on dialysis, insulin, pharmaceuticals, or even a damn c-pap machine. These folks are already trying to feel me out about coronavirus and a vaccination. I am trying so hard to stay away from these people. I know that if there was a scenario where they were offered $100 to turn in people for not getting a vaccine, they would turn me in quick.

    Anyway your post on Paschal Beverly Randolf somehow led me to this link.

    • damn jesus junkies trying to keep us hooked on dat cracka crack…….you sound like a much better mother though but i alway like to tell mothers my horror story for what it’s worth to them. apparently i had to go thru that shit karmically for some reason…..assuming karma even applies to us since we are gods.

      i just want to say don’t write off your entire family like i did unless you really really want to. even though i’m used to it now all of that pain drug me through jails, counseling, more jails, almost overdosing, depression and the like. the only reason i even keep the door cracked is for the money….not that i really need it but i do want to buy another home and get out of these apartments. i hate the thought of pinkazoids being so close to me when I’m sleeping. they’re all probably in there having sex with their dogs. i heard one pink female above me doing that one time so you know it’s commonplace. they’re all relatives!!!! haha……ttyl……

  2. Bobby Hemmitt be trippin’ me da hell out. haha….he must be one of my actual spiritual kin folk. you are too no doubt. Did you hear how he said that when there is a spiritual person in the family the Matrix will send dumb ass religious people just to fuck you up?!?!? You know it’s true and I have zero physical proof. Don’t need none except my own two eyes. No wonder the word family means “house of slaves”.

    family (n.)
    early 15c., “servants of a household,” from Latin familia “family servants, domestics collectively, the servants in a household,” thus also “members of a household, the estate, property; the household, including relatives and servants,” abstract noun formed from famulus “servant, slave,” which is of unknown origin.

    My family the same way. I have a few cool cousins but they still on the jesus juice even though they don’t judge me. My family is infested with preachers…lying to people for a paycheck. My dad was a Methodist and my mom’s dad the same so you know I got good and damn tired of hearing that nonsense. I was making up songs in my head like “Jesus the Maggot Faggot!!!!!!”. I don’t talk to any of them anymore. My dad died in 1992 and brother by a drunk driving redneck in 1995 so my mom has suffered great loss. I told her why this was happening after looking at her birth chart and she cussed me out. That was exactly the problem I saw in her birth chart……ARROGANCE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!!!!! Honestly my dad didn’t give a damn when he saw me falling away from the lies. Once I got my driver’s license I’d be halfway home before anybody got out the pews. Then sometimes me and brother would just go get a program so we knew what the preacher spoke about. Sometimes we would go hear my father and sometimes we would go hear someone else but at least with the program we could get our stories straight because we know my dad would ask what the topic of the sermon was. It takes a lot of effort to deprogram your mind but I enjoyed it!!!!! I felt like Denzel’s son trying to infiltrate the KKK in BlacKKKlansman except I was trying to get the fuck out!!!!!

    My family grew up in small towns close to each other in North Cakalacky so they basically country ass Negroes who got a chance to make it big in the city!!!! Woohoo……whatever. My dad hand picked my mom out of the congregation like some rapist but at least she was 18 when he got her pregnant with my brother. My dad was 29. I ain’t never dated nobody 11 years younger than me. Anyway my mom is somewhat light-skinned so she always had more opportunities but she swore up and down her complexion had nothing to do with it. BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!!! It wasn’t all of it but sometimes you don’t even get in the door if you’re too dark, especially for black males, because it frightens the hell out of the pinkazoid losers. So I got straight A’s and everything like that and went to NC State. That’s when my brother got killed and so I took a semester off….the whole time this insane woman telling me what a mistake I had made. To get away from her I went back and finished the goddamn stupid piece of paper for Electrical Engineering. Once I got it I was like let’s go home back to Charlotte from Raleigh. She was like “No let’s stay and celebrate!!!!”. My dad as usual was sitting there dumb founded and clueless as hell always giving in to her insanity. He would have never beaten us one single time if it wasn’t for her ass telling him to do it because that’s how she got raised. you know the whole spare the rod nonsense from the Buy-Bull. My graduation wasn’t for me. IT WAS FOR HER!!!!! ALL SHE WANTED TO DO WAS BRAG TO OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT HOW SPECIAL I WAS TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE FEEL LIKE THEIR OWN CHILDREN WEREN’T SHIT!!!!! and I hated that and I still do. She made my brother feel like dog shit too just because he wasn’t as book smart as me.

    So now he’s dead and three years later my dad collapses after a sermon home in the bed. Go figure. One more bunch of lies for the road!!!!!!! Now she’s down to one person in the family and you know she ain’t gonna stop until she fucks it all up!!!!! I wanted to fuck up just to break her damn ego down a bit and so I started getting into trouble drinking, doing molly and hanging with drug dealers and strippers. Once she found out she was devastated. That was exactly what I wanted. But she wasn’t going to give up that easily. She started lying to the family when I wasn’t around that I was doing just fine. They all knew she was lying because I told them she was lying. Now I moved away to Tampa and she has no one except a bunch of fretenders who are waiting on her to die to get their piece of the will. You see she did all of this shit to her damn self!!!! and she STILL don’t get the lesson. She worships money and the pink male. She hates the pink female but she will do any damn thing for that pink male crackazoid since they are the ones who gave her that job as the first black female federal probation officer in North and South Carolina. So fucking what?!?!? All you doing is sending back to prison. And all my dad was doing was keeping people in that mental religious prison. Those are NOT my people!!!!! FUCK BOTH OF THEM!!!! I may not even go to her funeral when she dies. She already told me half of what I was getting is going to one of my female ass-kissing cousins because she had kids and she’s angry with me that I never wanted any. All she wanted to do was try to brainwash my children anyway. I ain’t going for that. Even if I had one I would never have told her about it. I’ll be honest. I hate that woman. She didn’t even breast feed me for fucksake!!!!! Talking bout it hurt too much!! Well use a breast pump dumb ass!!!!!

    Her arrogance is killing her with an incurable disease called myostis where you nervous system cells devour each other almost like a cancer but just for the nervous system. She worries all the time because now she is not in control. She’s chair ridden and all she can do is talk on the phone and watch more brainwashing on the tell-lie-vision which she thinks is all 100% true like the mind slave that she is. “Da white man never lie!!!!!!” Whatever…….I drop her an email once in a while but we NEVER talk on the phone and I never visit. Just because I came out of her womb don’t mean shit to me after all she has done. The thing is she still don’t think she did nothing wrong. Everybody is wrong besides her because she reads that dumb ass Bible. She judges everybody and then throws on a fake smile that we can all see through now because she has a perma-frown on her face. If she had listened to my astrological karma remedies much of this could have been avoided. Now she is going to die miserable and alone……exactly what she deserves. Karma is a bitch…and so is she.

    Sorry but had to vent. haha………

  3. Huggs from me 🧸

    • there’s my mars in aries again!!!!!! thanks….we all need some hugs so back atcha!!! i gave up everything except weed. i need that one!!!!!

  4. I haven’t written them off, I am just cautious about my family members. I realize that the attachments in this 3D world will have to be severed at some point because I have no intention of incarnating back here. We are both probably really old souls (really light beings) who know about how all this works.

    By the way, my mom is a retired probation officer at the local level. My dad passed in 2011. No children. Material things and children draw you back. I’m not coming back to 3D. I feel like I came back this last time to see 3D destroyed.

    • you’re right. as long as we get out of here and don’t return i don’t care what happens here….although it would be nice to kick them all in the balls before we leave!!!! haha……ase on this ancestor day!!!!!!

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