Jacob Blake Paralyzed in Kenosha or Genosha???

August 25, 2020

jacob blake

This is just more brainwashing to get black people overly emotional because it feeds this Matrix. Is Blake a real person with three sons? There is no way to know. The Jewish media just makes shit up many times. They can hire people to play these roles or just get use someone that has already died. This is how they operate. Actually killing someone would create bad karma for them and so they often want to avoid that with the cosmic energies rising against them.

Here’s what looks and sounds fishy to me. First of all when was the last time Wisconsin was in the news for anything except the Green Bay Packers. They are known for nothing but cheese and beer. Of course both of those use the process of fermentation so there would be something symbolic there.

Second clearly Kenosha is just another name for Genosha which is where the “mutants” were created in the X-men comic book series:

Genosha is a fictional country appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. It is an island nation that exists in Marvel’s main shared universe, known as “Earth 616” in the Marvel Universe and a prominent place in the X-Men chronology. The fictional nation served as an allegory for slavery and later for South African apartheid before becoming a mutant homeland and subsequently a disaster zone.[1][citation needed] The island is located off the Southeastern African coast northwest from Seychelles and northeast of Madagascar. Its capital city was Hammer Bay.

Who are the mutants? They are trying to conflate genetic mutation with superpowers. Melanated people have natural superpowers. Our melanin is not a mutation. Pinkazoids are a mutation. They were purposely created to be a slave race for 4th dimensional beings who are parasiting off this planet’s melanoids. They cannot go higher from where they are so they subsist by poking their big noses into this 3rd dimension for energy. They also love gold for whatever reason. Apparently they have no way to synthesize it. That tells you right there they cannot be that powerful. A parasite has no real power because it depends on its host for its entire existence.

Third the so-called victim’s name Jacob Blake. Jacob means “healer” or one who has “supplanted”. Jacob stole the birthright of his older brother Esau in the BuyBull. The Jews believe Jacob to be their patriarch and they later changed his name to Israel. Of course to the Nation of Islam they believe Jacob or Yakub to be the one who created the white race by breeding the darker skinned people out in favor of the lighter skin until they finally got white people. I don’t believe that. It would take too damn long and probably wouldn’t work but this is the story.

Blake is really just another word for “black”. Of course you could spell “bleak” with it too. Blake is a black man with a bleak future because he is now paralyzed from the waist down according to the reports……which you can never fully trust. Whether it really happened doesn’t matter. Everything is mind. If the Jewish media can convince you it really happened (and most people think it did) then they can produce the desired effect in our minds through emotional manipulation.

People with initials always JB or BJ are always very popular in the media. See for yourself:

Justin Bieber
Joe Biden
John Belushi
Jeff Bridges
James Brown
John Bolton
Jessica Biel
Jason Bateman
John Wilkes Booth
Jennifer Beals
John Brown
James Buchanan
Jolene Blalock
James Baldwin
Jeb Bush
James Blake
Jerry Bruckheimer
Jimmy Buffett
James Brady
Joey Buttafuoco
Johann Bach
Jerome Bettis
Joe Brown
Julie Brown
Jon Barry
Jason Bell
Jack Black
James Bond
Jeff Blake
Jay Beckenstein
James Beard
Jimmy Butler
James Balfour
Jon Bon Jovi
Jeff Bezos
Joanne Byron (Assata Shakur)

But why? It’s a subconscious reference to Twin Towers of Boaz and Joachin. Boaz is the black woman and Joachin is the black man. When they imploded those using controlled demolition it severed a link between the black man and woman. That was the #1 goal of the attack. Everything else was secondary and distraction from the true intention. The Jews are going to keep bilking 9/11 and the Twin Towers (along with the bullshit Holohoax) for as long as they exist or until we wake up to the ruse. It’s number one in their playbook because they know the trauma that 9/11 produced in everyone’s minds when Israeli Mossad pulled it off the false flag back in 2001. The Twin Towers of Solomon (Solomon means hidden sun or soul which is US!!!) are part of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This is all about manipulating our thoughts in the astral realm and preventing us from reaching the mental realm where they cannot influence us because the vibration is too high. They know astral realm thoughts always manifest back down into the physical realm if they are strong enough but they have to make sure the frequency stays low enough to support their physiology. In other words they have to glorify death, perverted sex, greed, war, pedophilia and the like. That low vibrational energy  is literally their food and they know our melanin is an inexhaustible supply of energy as long as the vibration can be controlled……not too high…and not too low…..just right like Baby Bear.

9/11 is right around the corner in a few weeks from now and yet most still don’t know it was not really about getting insurance money. It was not even really about a War on Islam. Israel was already doing that shit anyway. It was about the symbolism of destroying the balance between masculine and feminine. They want everyone to be gay to drive the population and they do not want, AT ANY AND ALL COSTS!!!!!, for the black man and woman to have happy and healthy relationships because their children are going to destroy these parasites after they are born because it is the ancestors returning in full fury!!!! It’s Osiris and Isis having baby Heru over and over in Hollywood. BLACK LOVE AND UNITY ARE THE TARGET OF THE JEW!!!!! and they will do anything….ANYTHING!!!!!…… to prevent or minimize it. And of course many “black” people will assist them in their efforts for the money and fame. They lost their souls a long time ago………..OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Not everyone that is our color is also our kind. We have to stop falling for skin complexion because it does not always tell the whole story. I mean look at Terry Jews…..I mean Crews. Actually no….don’t look at Terry Crews. He should just start doing anal gay porn since he loves to promote it so much. You can only fake being gay for so long.

Notice how Blake supposedly has three little boys….no girls. Black Lesbian Movement…….I mean Black Lives Matter has only three black women leading them. Do you see how they are trying to drive a permanent wedge between the genders to keep us separate like shy teenage boys and girls on opposite walls at a junior high school prom dance? They do not want us together at all…and definitely not in any useful way. Black love is a frequency they cannot consume. In fact it destroys them. They hate it to the very core of their low life being. Understand that these creatures are macro-parasites but they behave just like the much smaller micro-parasites that we know about like hookworms that lodge themselves inside our bodily organs when we eat contaminated or under-cooked meat and/or fish. They fuck with our minds to get certain behaviors out of us that feed their low frequency requirements. They don’t want to destroy the host…..at least not until they can find another one to invade. They really want to be us but since they cannot they have no choice but to settle for sucking the life out of us to make sure we do not ascend to higher realms and leave them here with no food source. The other races do not have what we have. They have some but these inter-dimensional slugs much more prefer the power of our eumelanin over the less potent energy of the other “races” that our ancestors created long ago.

The solution: stop allowing them to control your mind through the media, religion, jobs, porn, drugs, etc. Anything that could produce the low vibration they require must be avoided. Ok you can have a few drinks but don’t get carried away. We must starve the parasite to death and either kill it or force it to find another host. Ase.

Blak Rant

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