Jacob Blake Shooting Video (Graphic)

August 27, 2020

I never believe what I see on TELL-LIE-VISION or anywhere in the Jewish media. This may be real but I wasn’t there so I don’t know. If it’s real then why those sorry ass niggas watchin’ didn’t do nothin’ to stop it or help him?!??

Whether it’s real or not notice they did this close to Emmitt Till’s death.

Emmett Louis Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955)

They always do this because they want to traumatize us when those ancestral energies are returning to right the wrongs and protect us from them.

Notice also this is the same date the British “abolished” slavery. Of course they paid the former slaveowners for the losses they incurred but never the slaves for the losses they incurred…….subhuman beast scum…….British comes from the word “brutish” in case you didn’t know.



  1. This one is probably real, because the relatives are already talking about how the protests should be peaceful and how they asked the policeman assigned to the hospital room to pray with them. But I know what you mean about the fake executions because the George Floyd execution was very strange.

    These cave beasts do don’t ever turn the other cheek. Responding to violence with peace does not make any sense and it has never worked. Praying to fake jesus will get you no where.

    Coney was even talking about the infiltration of US law enforcement agencies back in 2016. With our tax dollars, we are actually paying the public servants to execute us in the streets.


    I can’t wait until real justice is served up.

  2. money is fake melanin. it has power because we love it even more than they do and it’s just a jewish talisman that transfers melanin energy back to them. that’s why the jew will never pay reparations. they would be giving us our melanin energy back and a parasite cannot do that or else it would die. i just don’t buy the jacob blake name that is wayyy kabbalistic and then coincidental with the anniversary of the emmitt till death and abolition of slavery in britain near the same date and both close to 9/11 giving them time to build the narrative in the astral realm for a blood sacrifice coming soon to the physical. they play on our emotions because they know how we are….emotional and forgiving like children. i didn’t see any blood. there should have been plenty of it right outside of the car with seven shots in the back. you may be right but they need our melanin to feel fear, anger, sadness, depression, etc because it is their smorgasbord. if it’s real that dude is in the astral or mental realm happier than ever and i’m sure the children will be well taken care of after all this hoopla. they need to know their father is not really dead. he had to change bodies for now since we are living among cave beasts. i can’t be shocked or upset by their behavior because i know we are not citizens and i know what they really are. they live off our emotions. we are prisoners of war. they pretend we’re free but we’re not and we forget our true status since most pink skins don’t know about it either. it’s a game to the elite. any of them can kill any of us whenever they get ready and it’s not a crime under their law.of course it’s a crime to the cosmos and they are going to pay for all the crimes, real and fake, they orchestrate just to fuck with our minds to send them our energy to prolong their existence when they know they are doomed. they basically already dead and pretending that they are going to live far into the future with us. netflix is powerful. mind is all. we make things happen from what we think. ase.

  3. You are right, no blood. This one is probably fake too. They are really desperate.

  4. yup. you gotta watch lovecraft country too!!! rarbg.com for the download, a torrent download app and you can watch it on your phone. you won’t believe it. the jews are admitting everything now hoping that the original people will just forgive them for everything. hell naw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i aint forgivin’ shit!!!! they gotta die!!! the “black” christians or cretins will always forgive them so they don’t even matter because they have already given their power over to the beast. they want US to forgive them!!!….the people who are conscious because we are the only ones with true power!!!! and the answer is HELL NO NEVA!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!

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