Emmett Louis Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955)

August 28, 2020

NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. They are really desperate … my relatives are trying to get me to watch some March on Washington show on abc narrated by Denzel Washington. Nope!

    And now the black panther actor has died! I can’t wait to hear what else you have to say about this day, August 28th.

  2. which black panther actor? chad boswick?

  3. Yes, Chadwick

    • do you see now how the parasite jews feed on the melanated host? first it was jacob blake. now they’re using the fake melanin money of jezz bezos to reap the energy since he is another JB name Boaz and Joachin from jewish kabbalism which is all of our ancient stuff from kemet and kush.


      and they won’t stop with bringing up slavery over and over.


      they want to remind us of the past to slow down the ascension process. that’s why tubman, 13 years a slave, antebellum and all the others keep coming up and we keep watching the filth. we’re helping give them more time to come up with another plan. there is nothing else they can even do really except trying the genocide with the vaccine but then they would die too because they can only live when our melanin feeds to matrix. they need us. we don’t need them.

      they cannot wait to reap all the melanin energy from the shock and trauma of killing panther. remember how excited everyone was? that energy is too high frequency for the jew parasite so they take the money they made as fake melanin and that is the front end harvest. on the back they give someone a fast acting cancer like boswick or poison him like prince and michael jackson and then when melanated people start crying and being sad and depressed they reap that melanin energy as well because those excessive emotions lower the frequency to where the jews can harvest it.

      they are taking advantage of our excessive emotions. boswick may not even be dead. we don’t know. we assume the jews are telling the truth and we know they are natural born liars. if he’s physically dead then he is likely in the astral real awaiting the rest of us. we will see him again soon once we kill off these parasites. i know we want to be sad when ppl physically die but that is the fuel that keeps us all here. some african tribes celebrate the death because the realize the soul has been trapped in flesh and now they are finally free of the shell, the sheol, the hell that was are all born into. it is a time for celebration. now he can fight for us from the fifth dimension and do far more damage than just being a flesh bag like all of us. i know it sounds mean but we have to think this way to get out of this or the jew is going to fuck with the time stream and try to trick us into repeating all of this slavery shit all over again.

      i know it sounds crazy….all of this energy manipulation but this is how it works. all is mind. as above so below. everything vibrates. we just have to get our vibration high enough like escape velocity and these punk ass parasites can never touch us again. from a higher dimension we can reach back down here and slaughter them as well. our powers are coming online. you are going to see some serious shit soon….and it won’t be no damn jewvie. haha……ase.

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