Black Male Actors On The Jewish Hitlist – Afrostrology

August 29, 2020

I think I forgot to include Chadwick Boseman on this list but I knew this was coming. They always use the same parasite playbook. What else can they do? Nothing.


  1. I remember this. I had a good laugh about Isaac Hayes 🤣 I was like he must be making sure that we are watching.

    But a lot of black folks are waking up. Last night I was just reading some gossip sites and I came across this post about Kareem Abdul Jabar’s son. Then I started reading the comments and I had a really good laugh because these folks were thinking the same things that I was thinking 🤣 🤣


  2. the rising vibrations were bound to wake more people up. trust me if it weren’t for these energies most of our people would still be binge watching empire and love and hip hop and on the playstation. also some of them are just becoming hopeful that we get reparations which is a complete misuse of the energies and won’t happen anyway because that would deplete the jewish parasite since they print the money to steal melanin energy from us. why would they give it back?!?!?! we are too emotional and not logical…again.

    my question is this. boseman was raised christian and played a role of african spirituality. huh? why didn’t his wife taylor simone ledward take his name or hyphenate or something? he is from sierra leonne. why the hell was he not using holistic african medicine? maybe he was ready to go so he could fight from the 5th dimension without parasites getting in his way. they may have just helped us more than they know!!! this is how dumb they are. they can only see very narrowly because of their animal DNA, lack of eumelanin and a calcified pineal gland.

    as far as astrology his north node is in scorpio which rules the colon and he was in south node phase meaning previous life was in taurus of money and family but he was in south node-venus-venus phase. the north node can cause disease especially during a south node phase. his chart was trying to bring him back to african spirituality away from dumb ass lies of religion but didn’t work. if he had done what dr sebi preached then he would still be alive even if they gave him a fast acting cancer.

  3. too bad they didn’t have any children!!!! that would have been huge for us!!!!!

  4. Chadwick just got married within the last year. He was either vegetarian or vegan. You are so right, with a healthy diet, it is unlikely that you will get cancer unless there was some intervention.

    Also, it sounds like they botched the surgery because there was supposedly more than one surgery. Once these doctors get a chance to diagnose you, then they try to get you to believe in them and the cave beast protocol treatment. They got you. My mom is in that loop now.

    He may be taking his chance in the 5th dimension. I know that he read a lot of Kemetic books so maybe he felt that he could exit into the 5th dimension without getting caught in the soul trap and getting his memory erased. My purpose in life is to figure that one out.

  5. Yes, children would have been be nice!

  6. yeah i heard they got married in private. i guess if she changed her name then everyone would have known. he should have left some sperm so she could have one!!!!! what would be really cool is if she took care of jacob blake’s children or at least meet them. whenever we go to a western allopathic doctor we should fully expect to die. it is their job and part of the private oath they take once they take the fake public hippocratic oath which i call the hypocritical oath. they are death dealers. they want to keep us alive just long enough to study us like henrietta lacks so they can use our bodies to prolong their lives since they are genetic losers. this is why doctors spend so much time in medical school practicing bedside manner. they have to convince you to trust them and it works…especially on black females. bobby hemmitt mentioned that in his lectures too. we trust the people who are committing genocide on us. we are prisoners of war in our own homeland and still listed as property of the government. how in the hell could we actually have rights? they are just pretending and we keep falling for their lies. you know how pink skins love to play pretend!!! especially when it comes to impersonating us in the media and their false his-story.

    funny how the same problems plague almost every melanated family and we just cannot get through to these people. in the end everybody has to make their own decisions but it should be on logic and intellect not belief and emotion. that is our #1 problem and the jew and his legions of pink skins know exactly how to exploit over and over and over.

    i remember the last time i had blood drawn. my doctor’s name is colon beach. we live at the beach and boseman died from colon cancer. weird…..anyway they were taking wayyyyyyyyy too much blood just for one damn test and i brought it up and the nurse said she was just following orders. they take that extra blood to see what is happening with us and how the cosmos is changing it so they can try to counter it and then benefit themselves. they are parasites and nothing more.

    we can never tell how advanced someone really is on the higher planes. well at least i can’t. clairvoyants probably can but he is at least on the astral realm but maybe even higher into the mental and causal realms. it depends on why he was reborn and if he resolved whatever karma he had before he died. we all at least get a break before returning so we don’t overlap with living people that we already know. that would be weird to meet your mother again by some twist of fate and you’re in a different body but she is still in the same one. hahaha……..

    they say just don’t go into the light and you will avoid reincarnation. the parasites feed on the desires you had when you die and so they tempt you to come back. as an example you love your children so if you transition before they do like normally happens then they are going to tempt you using your children or whatever else you may love in this life. i try to love nothing except love itself. people always ask me why i gave up 120k/yr job and i tell them my soul in priceless. they usually don’t get it of course. they are under that jewish money melanin moon matrix magic spell and cannot break it….yet. ase.

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