Richard Pryor on “Black Funerals”

August 29, 2020

This is how we should be about funerals. We should have fun, dance and laugh. It should not be a somber occasion when someone goes home and you will see them again soon. That’s what Europeans do because they have a genetic fear of death because they are unnatural beings so they don’t know what really happens to them when they die. They may just simply cease to exist. I hope that’s what happens and I hope all pink females go barren so that no more of them can possibly be born.

When you mourn the dead with sorrow it makes them want to cling to this world and they get stuck when we should be releasing them so they can move forward. Stop torturing them with your sorrow. If you do then your family is going to do the same to you. We’re trying to reach the higher realms and not remain here as a food source for parasites. Ase.

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