Rising in Power Chad | The Black Messiah Energy | Chadwick Boseman Sacrificial Lamb

August 29, 2020


  1. I am not really a morning person and this one threw me off. I have never heard Dream Wise’s voice. And when I heard the voice, I was like “this is not Jaquari”. LOL

    I do agree with Dream Wise that there is a faction that is trying to trick us and manipulate the energy so that they can go with us. When the host gets rid of the parasite, then the parasite has to find another host or die.

  2. fa sho!!! they trying to stowaway as if they haven’t already stowed away in us genetically by raping our women for hundreds of years. now they brainwashing them to get phd’s and hang out with pinky all the time so they never find a real black man. if i see one more rich black female alone in a big house with a lexus and a small dog my head is going to explode!!!! anything they do will ultimately fail. think about it. even though they raped us our genes stomp theirs out in a generation or two. eventually the genes they have from us will stomp their asses out completely. how you gonna steal the original dna and then eminem still can’t rap? hopefully whatever small amount of us they still have in them will wipe them out. they think being pink means they don’t have to pay karma. idiots…..they are dropping like pink flies. hahaha……….ase.

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