The Ascension of Black Panther Heru – Chadwick Aaron Boseman

August 29, 2020


  1. I just listed this this video earlier this morning. And wow, Michael Jackson’s birthday was on the 29th when you posted this video. Nice commentary. I don’t trust allopathic docs for anything.

    And yes, we have to stop all this mourning because we don’t die. Even the religious folks need to stop because if they really believe their loved one is in a “better place”, then why all this mourning. We have to release those ties.

    I really LOVE you commentary on avoiding the “light”. You are so right, children make you want to come back here. Also, love of money and material things will make you want to come back here.

  2. and you know it!!!!!! i wish more sistas would get in tune with themselves like you obviously do. clinging to anything only makes it run from you. we are supposed to enjoy the moment fully and not obsess over repeating pleasure and avoiding pain. there is only now but emotions and time, moon and saturn, make our egos behave insanely. obviously since we are eternal time has to be an illusion and your emotions change every 2.5 days when the moon changes signs. it’s in aquarius right now which is mine. all i want to do is sleep today for some reason…..maybe the rain outside….but that damn thing in the night sky is not natural. i don’t believe for one second that is the moon that lives inside of you and me. that thing up there is malevolent….not like black moon lilith….but like some mind control device that magnifies out emotions so that the parasites can feed on us more easily. if i had a damn rocket launcher i would blow that thing into a million pieces then see what happens!!! the moon knows that i know it’s fake. it makes my mother….my moonther…..act like a crazy person.

    i was smoking the other night and something hit me like a damn brick. i don’t think any of our families are actually real. i think they are part of this matrix. they are real when they incarnate as children but the matrix can tell if the programming is being effective or not. once it starts working (because the parents program us like them) then the matrix backs off of us somewhat because they know they have another obedient slave drone to harvest melanin energy for the parasites. for the ones who wake up the matrix sends all types of difficulties to us because we are a virus in the computer program like neo in the matrix having to fight agent smith all the time. my mom clearly belongs to this matrix 100%. i don’t know where the hell her soul is or if she even has one anymore. these people are not our real families. we are orphans in this material wasteland like a virus that gets quarantined so it can cause no further damage. it is amazing what advanced beings can do with light and five senses. this shit really seems real but i can feel that it ain’t…..just like neo. that’s why we all knew a melanated person wrote the damn story and those psycho perverts wachowski jew brothers (one of them had a sex change operation and now identifies as a female….yuck) stole the damn thing from sophia stewart the way jews always do……impersonators, impostors, cultural plagiarists and parasites.

    i have to figure a way to destroy this thing. i think it’s really my only purpose. ase.

    • ahhhhh……short meditation so much better now. i actually know how to destroy this mess right now but it might destroy me at the same time. basically these pink skins are animated negative entities that throw everything out of balance because they do not belong on the front side of the tree of life. they belong on the back with the qlippoth of chaos because that’s all they ever bring is chaos. they got a free ride over here from that damn gene splicing shit some idiot did. all we have to do is open the door or daath sphere and it will suck whatever ain’t supposed to be here out of here. it’s already started with the saharan red dust cloud that never goes away anymore.


      it used to happen every few years but now it is completely changing the atmosphere 24/7 and nobody can stop because it’s nibiru doing it. bobby hemmitt mentioned this 15 years ago. soon the soulless ones won’t be able to breathe the atmosphere but we are being changed so that we can because we are just reverting back to what we were when the atmosphere was oxygen free. maybe i should just let nibiru do its job and not rush it. you can see the other sun all over the damn planet now and most are just thinking it’s a sun dog cloud reflection. bullshit. all suns come in pairs. it’s a universal law unless one burns out into a brown dwarf or becomes a black hole which ain’t nothing but melanin anyway.

      there are two ways to speed this shit up from what i am getting from the cosmos….in other words two ways to open up the door to universe B to get these freaks out of here:

      1) anal sex does it but it destroys you at the same time because it inverts your kundalini. jews love anal and it’s part of all of their rituals along with period blood, semen, urine, feces and of course baby blood. this is the so-called satan’s tail. once your kundalini starts descending you actually develop a tail like the one pink skins are born with. that tells you what they are right there!!!!

      2) you can do a ritual to go thru the door of daath that leads to the back of the tree which is the same as universe b. it’s complete chaos back there but there has to be a balance between the front and the back of the tree just like everything else. these pinkazoids have everything so out of balance we can unleash the god Set of chaos to basically pull them or push them (like opening a door in space) out of this realm once and for all. the back of the tree destroys everything and sanitizes it so that only pure energy can come back thru to the front when it is needed. normally the front spheres balance themselves but sometimes energy is so out of balance like now that the back of the tree must get involved because of these warmongering orc fools.

      now you must think i’m crazy. haha….ase.

  3. Omg, I know the moon is some apparatus that was put up there at a certain position (108) to lock us down in a magnetic field. As soon as we get our powers back, we need to destroy it. LOL

    You know we can rarely if ever incarnate with other the rebels and free spirits that are like ourselves. This moon matrix, wipes our memories clean and sends us to Jesus freaks and they be trying to get you baptized right away.

    Now with the internet, its getting easier to find my rebel brothers and sisters. If they got a million followers, then they not the rebel I’m looking for. LOL

    Wait a minute, I thought the only one if the wachowski brothers changed to a trans … until recently. But did you know that the other brother changed to a trans as well? So it think they call themselves the wachowski sisters now. WTH?

  4. Jaquari, I didn’t see your last message when I posted the last one.

    LOL 🤣 😂 🤣 I have been thinking that we need to speed this up too!!! Keep thinking about other ways. Carry on …

  5. At least we didn’t come back here with parents that were jehovah witnesses. I would take us a damn lifetime to deprogram that.

  6. oh fa real? they are all non-gendered beings anyway which is why the jew is pushing all this gender neutrality and fluidity. they want to make their abnormality the new norm like this dumb ass mask wearing and social distancing. i can’t wait until they all die….painfully!!!! it’s all in the skies too man!!!! the planet is rising from nibiru’s resonance with us and so the sky is full of things now that used to be far away. check out mrbb333’s channel on jewtube. you won’t fucking believe the shit you see. they are scared…..as well they should be. they about to be genocided and they deserve it like hell……all of the soulless ones. the universe ain’t stupid. it knows which ones have to die!!!!! and die they will!!! it’s so close i just want to get a barrel of popcorn and watch it go down!!!!!!

  7. jehovah’s witness fucked up by knocking on our doors early saturday when they know a nigga was fucked us last night trying to forget about crackas from the work week.

    damn i forgot the most important way to open universe B. bobby talked about this one too. it’s the female g-spot……melanated female only of course. i don’t know what soulless ones be squirting out. ugh…..probably some damn beer.

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