Biracials are NOT “BLACK”!!!!!!

August 31, 2020



  1. Thinking that these hybrids have a soul will mess us up every time. They are still low vibrational beings and evil spirits can posses them at any time. So they can turn on someone at any time.

    It’s not in us to hate them, but just understand what you are dealing with. You have to treat a beast like its a beast. We are not the same!

  2. Hey, have you noticed that when people marry those beasts, they end us getting sick or aging really bad? They must be draining the black person’s energy out every day.

  3. Right on point. Understand what you are dealing with at a genetic level. I feel somewhat bad for them because they didn’t ask to exist in this way and even the dumb ass BuyBull says not to mix the races for what it’s worth. These beast babies are wild as hell. Have you ever tried to play with a biracial child?!?!? They are all over the place. They try to stab you and slap you. They kick the dogs and drag the cats by their tails just like pink children do. Black children almost never behave in this way. You can tell the others are out of sync with nature and of course when they grow up they will continue the work of the beast in their vain attempt to keep us trapped here forever as melanin food for the soulless ones. They don’t even know they’re doing it really. Biracials are the perfect example of one bad apple spoiling the bunch….except it’s a bunch of bad genes!!!!!! ase.

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