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September 3, 2020

If the Jews, who actually start slavery in America, keep making these jewvies and we keep watching them they can and will bring back slavery. How? Mind is all. They are reminding us how we were property even though they know we still are. They are also reminding pinkazoids of how they used to be able to treat us without getting into trouble for it and they are longing for those days because Covid has fucked up their money and they need to vent that self-hatred onto us like they always do. If we don’t band together in person and buy land to separate from these creatures they are going to try this. Why wouldn’t they? They’re desperate as hell and we should not let our guard down. We are 24/7/365 under the watchful eye of the beast in this matrix. Remember if anything is repeated enough and at regular intervals (based on numerology and astrology) that will become your reality. This is a spiritual war and most of us think it’s peacetime even though we waste our time marching up and down the damn street with a bunch of pink skins that would not lift a finger for us if slavery came back tomorrow.

slave jewvies



  1. You are so right, I still have not seen that Django flick. Those movies put you in a low energy state and our energy level is raising now, so we will not be able to watch that crap anyway, even if we wanted to. These low vibrational parasites are desperate and trying to do anything to lower the energy. But this planet is a sentient being and she wants them gone.

    I was meditating and this is how I see the next few years.

    These cave beasts will be dying like crazy from radiation poisoning, cancer and other diseases (from all the cosmic energy flowing into earth). There will be 3 factions of cave beasts:

    1) The rich ones will crawl into cave bunkers to get away from the cosmic energy. Some of them are even trying to leave the planet, which won’t work either. The deadline for them to leave was in 2019. When the time comes, we will need search and destroy teams that will have to make sure all of them are gone.

    2) Some beasts that are still alive will be really sick and getting weak. They will see that we are getting stronger and they will be mad. They will get their guns and try to kill some of us before they drop dead themselves.

    3) Some of these beasts that will try to trick us into helping them. They will use any kind of trickery to get us to feed them and take care of them because they won’t be able to go outside. These MFs will be trying to still order from Amazon and getting black folks to deliver. If black folks leave the food on the sidewalk or the driveway and the beasts have to go out to get it, they will blow up from all the energy out there. LOL

    Jaquari, I love how that lady on the Lance Scurv video you posted said that these folks would just be blowing up. We need to start writing our own narratives on how this will play out. As our power comes back … what we say is what goes down. I know you probably got a better narrative than I do. Bring it on. LOL

  2. Your narrative sounds just fine to me. haha…..The black man always has to listen to what the black wombman has to say because many of you are tied in and tuned in to certain energies that many black men cannot align. You have somewhat of a cosmic advantage since you are the creative vessel. It is said that the black man was jealous of this ability and then tried to create life on his own and that is where these beasts came from. I don’t know. The Jews say that women have penis envy when in fact it all may be that we have pussy envy!!!!! All that psychobabble DSM IV/V bullshit is for them…NOT US!!!!! we don’t even have the same genes and DNA so why would we think the same as them?!?!?!

    I have heard of the orcs spontaneously combusting all over the planet so your account sounds spot on. September and October are going to bring black holes close to the planet. You wanna talk about a PURGE?!?!?! I believe what is happening (and you can listen to remedy H for his take on it here: https://youtu.be/wIElsEhxqD0) is the backside of the tree of life called the qlippoth is opening certain portals. the qlippoth is a cosmic garbage disposal unit. i can see those black spheres forming in my mind. they are pure melanin and they are here to remove anything that has been genetically engineered or otherwise unnatural like a damn global laxative or colonic. the back of the tree is all the shit that the front flushes down the toilet and we already know these beasts are nothing but wolf and monkey shit. once they are all gone those portals to the back side through daath will close and all that filth we be recycled and purified before any of that energy could ever emerge again.

    we all lift each other up even though we are extremely few in number…i would guess maybe only about 100,000 tops worldwide. now that is some sad shit. some are saying the cosmic boost will snap a bunch of people out their slumber but i ain’t holding my breath on that. over 99% of niggas are just gone!!!!!!! i don’t know if they have any connection that can be salvaged at this point. they should already be snapping out it. something that sudden would probably make their asses go even more crazy than they already are. hahaha……..

  3. When one of those black actress that was assaulted by Harry Weinstein testified, she said that his penis was deformed and looked like it had been cut off and sewn back on. One of my friends said that she thought the actress was just being messy because Weinstein is so ugly. Later, I read an article that said that Weinstein suffered from Fournier’s Gangrene. I had to google that disease and I was like that is the perfect disease to give all of these cave beast, when they piss us off. Women and children can get it too.

    One of my meditations back in June was this – every police officer (or cave beast) that assaulted or killed a black person, came down with Fournier’s Gangrene and the doctors kept cutting off body parts and it kept coming back until they died a horrible and painful death. Not only did the offending cave beast get Fournier’s Gangrene, but their spouse got it and their children too. Until the whole family died off. LOL

    • they have all kinds of diseases with new ones popping up each day….especially the jews with their tay sachs and whatever else. of course they will never admit they are dying off because they know all is mind. as long as we think they are still in control then our minds will make that reality manifest to some degree. i hope you’re right. they can take that little peewee and stick it on the back as their satan’s tail and give it to their dogs to eat. haha…….

  4. Thanks so much! I will check out that channel. What is an orc?

    • that’s what he calls pinkazoids. haha….like the monsters from lord of the rings trilogy. that’s really what they are but they make them look dark to pretend it’s us. they are so pathetic.

      • Omg, they are hideous! LOL

      • I can tell Remedy H is real because he does not have a million subs and it looks like they demonetized him. He is interesting. Bring it on! ✊🏽

  5. like bobby hemmitt said when they hit 30 it’s all over. they age like those dog years since they got that animal genetic. haha……..sometimes i just look at that damn fur and wonder how the hell i didn’t notice for 40 years?!?!?! haha…….they are gruesome. just think if it weren’t for shampoo, razors, makeup and proper lighting on TV?!?!?! we would turn to stone looking at them like medusa. i don’t care how you slice it or how much plastic surgery they get they just look artificial like a damn manimal mannequin. haha……

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