Not Healers…..DEATH DEALERS!!!!

September 5, 2020

death dealers


  1. My friends had their baby on Sunday. There was a struggle on the circumcision. The mom did not want circumcision, the dad wanted it done. The docs recommended it of course. They acting like my friend is a heathen 😢. This caught me by surprise. I was like, tell them you will bring the baby back for it later. Just try to get out of the hospital and research it later. WTH?

  2. from the cradle to the grave they try to lock us down. of course they love a pregnant melanoid, she has all that placenta and they can pump the baby full of khem-i-kills. hell they even poison them while they’re still in the womb. we need to do everything we can without them and stop trusting the enemy. we ain’t got stockholme syndrome. we got blackholme syndrome!!!! imma do a podcast on that!!!!! why the hell do we trust them so much?!?!? it’s a symptom of self-hatred. my doctor is always begging me for more blood samples for no damn good reason. they just want to see how the ascension is changing our bodies so they can stop it and then use it for themselves. they are nothing but legal medical parasites and well paid assassions for the elite.

  3. I almost felt faint about the issue of circumcision. Maybe I was traumatized in a previous life. They took blood from the baby for some tests and gave him a shot of vitamin K and a Hep B shot. These cave beasts sold the placenta and would have even sold the foreskin (but they could not get it yet) WTH? These MFs are straight up evil!

  4. i know right. those damn jewish mohels bite the foreskin of new babies and give many of them herpes before they even can get out da damn gate and have sex the first time.


    can you imagine? you haven’t even used your dick yet and some perverted rabbi already fucked it up claiming religion tradition?!?! i would grow up and kill that fucker. how’s that for a blood sacrifice?!?!

    the jews know that circumcision traumatizes little boys and they carry it with them their whole life. my parents allowed it with me and my brother too. it’s almost like the skin is too tight afterwards but they claim of course that’s it cleaner, etc. blah blah blah…..it may even cause some boys to grow up gay…but all the pink skins are gay anyway. god gave us that extra foreskin for a reason but i’m sure the jews eat it themselves after cutting it off. it’s likely a delicacy that they would fight over like truffles and fish eggs. damn beasts…….

  5. Wow, more reason’s why they have to all go!

  6. i couldn’t trust none of ’em. you know they eventually are going to fuck you over for some money, sex, drugs, whatever…since they are temporal material beings with no souls. haha……

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