Reversing the 9/11 Dark Kabbalistic Spell

September 11, 2020

This is literal but symbolic in that you must rebuild your inner towers…..your inner temple of divinity…BOTH THE MELANATED MAN AND FEMALE!!!! WITHOUT BOTH IT WON’T WORK BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE MALE AND FEMALE WITHIN US!!!!! AND THE JEW HAS SUPPRESSED THE DIVINE FEMININE IN ALL OF US!!!!!!!

As you can see China is also taking part in harvesting your energy through their own versions of King Solomon’s (hidden sun or soul) temple. Stop buying their shit!!!! MONEY IS MELANIN ENERGY!!!!

We can’t get the Africans to stop allowing the Chinkazoids to rape their land and women. They have to do that for themselves. They should know better than to trust the yellow dogs by now.


  1. They are really desperate to build these towers in 2020. Those high rises are caves in the sky with windows that block out uv light. One of the meditations I had in common with remedy h was that all the high rises will come down – really. I don’t know exactly how they came down, maybe the planet got rid of them.

    We need places that let in the sun, not block it. A friend of mine and her husband got new windows in their house back in the spring and now their indoor plants won’t grow. The windows are blocking out a frequency of light that the plants need. WTH?

  2. sunlight is information so when it’s blocked you miss those downloads. i like remedy h but i cut back on him because i don’t know where he gets his info from. i’m always trying to be careful to keep it logical and factual as much as i can. we know they’re finished either way, and he does too, but how it all goes down is still unfolding. there is so much info coming into us now it’s hard to tell which is the most important ya know?!?! haha…….

  3. I have seen a few agents on jootube. It is a shame.

  4. it’s more than you think. ppl do anything fa money and just pay the fucking karma later. they don’t give a damn. i think it’s funny.

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