Why Pink Skins Don’t Owe Black Christians Shit

September 11, 2020



  1. I was just listening to remedy h and I saw your post. This was right on time. We are descendants of GODS. We are always forgiving them and asking for their permission and approval. All of that doesn’t matter. We need these parasites off us. When we have our own energy for our own selves, we will be able to fly. It’s been time to get these parasitic monkeys off our backs.

    • damn right!! the sooner the better….like now!!!!! it’s all about opening stargates and portals using sexual magick. once they are open anything unnatural will be purged from this realm. some of them are already open. sex is powerful but christians taught everybody that semen and menstrual blood are all yucky. they don’t want us to know anything so we depend on their freakish shit and die the same way they do. we should be living hundreds of years but we still eating pig’s feet. now you know the feet are spiritual because it’s pisces. why are we eating the feet of the damn devil. that’s putting the energy of the devil on top of ours. i bet people fight after they eat that nasty shit.

      the main thing with black folk is they all beat down by the cracka emotionally and we take it out on each other trying to find some damn fake ass self-respect because we tired of the pinkazoids punkin’ us as a whole. that’s why the moors fight with the kemites who fight with the damn hebrews. all three of ’em the same goddamn people!!!!!!!! smh…….

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