DR KHALID MUHAMMAD – Phil Donahue Show 1994

September 18, 2020


  1. They had to get rid of him…no holds bar where’s the Khalid’s today.

  2. he was one of a kind because he didn’t care about what the jews thought about him. everybody else is scared to criticize them because they believe in that holohoax nonsense. hitler was a damn jew himself. it was another scam for sympathy to get into positions of power using whitey guilt or i should say pinky guilt. they are all so sick in the head. i like to think khalid still lives inside me. what can they do to us that they have not already done. we should fear nothing. we are eternal. they are the blips on the radar whose time has run out. they will all be dead soon and that’s what they deserve.

  3. Wow, I do remember this interview. I was so impressed with how truthful he was 🧐

  4. khalid be puttin’ em on blast. it shows how unchangeable they are. most of us marching and complaining on and on like the beast can change their animal genetic. they wouldn’t do it if they could. they love being the way they are……savages in suits.

    you gotta see that antebellum jewvie. it’s another from jordan peele i think but it’s another corporater black female who forgets who she really is fucking around with these crackas…..you can probably guess how it goes. haha…….i’m dairy free and lovin’ it!!!!!!! ase.

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