Project Reset aka RA-SET

September 20, 2020


  1. Exactly! Fighting them just means you gonna STAY HERE and fight. I have been getting ready to LEAVE my whole life (at least this life). I can tell you are leaving too!

  2. when we get to whichever dimension we are going to we can make things happen there that will correspond back down to 3D to assist those who are not ready to leave this bullshit materialism. i say we are going to the 5th. mentellect says the 4th (which doesn’t make sense because we are there already) and remedy h says the 13th. wtf??!?! why would we skip all those dimensions? we still need to get used to being in the others before we could take that leap…unless we have already done it and we just need access to those memories again from the akashic records. i don’t want to have to be trained for each dimension all over again. that’s a huge fucking waste of time…….and of course time doesn’t even really exist…..haha…..there ain’t much time left for pinky and his skanky!!!!

    watching lovecraft bootleg last night and they did a flashback with the black man in his military days paired up with a goddamn chinkazoid that turned out to be a demon wanting to steal his soul so she could become human. yeah they telling it all now. he was a virgin when he fucked that skankazoid but she fell in love. the second time she lost control of her powers and the tentacles starting coming out grabbing his ass. that nigga got the fuck out of there butt ass naked. dumb ass……ase.

  3. I have to ask a friend for a password to watch Lovecraft. It sounds interesting. ๐Ÿคจ

  4. yeah it’s trippy how all the symbolism works. you would enjoy since you get it but the idiots like it too. they just don’t know why. haha……i just download it from rarbg.com using bittorrent.com and stream it from my laptop to the TV over chromecast but you can just watch it from your laptop/desktop too. ase.

  5. I see what you mean. Remedy h needs to chill with those lists because he will be on a list to get his channel canceled. I saw the first episode of Lovecraft last night and it is definitely worth watching.

  6. oh cool. they’re up to episode 6 now with 4 to go so you gotta catch up sis!!!! haha……what lists is remedy h making? he should monetize his channel but he say he don’t care. i think he does carpentry and shit like that but all melanoids need to understand that social media is nothing but surveillance for the nsa, fbi and cia. that’s what it was created for and most people are oblivious to the facts. remedy h knows that too. he just don’t care. haha……he wants them to watch. i try to not say anything too wild but imma always point out the jewish problem no matter what. they might ban me too but there are alternatives like bitchute, d.tube, vimeo, lbry, etc. im sure the jews will buy those up too once they become popular enough. we have to be able to think like the parasites do. they are in panic mode like hell and it makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ ase.

  7. Okay. I’m on episode 3 now. And I can tell you from personal experience that the segregation in Chicago is still true until this day. But hey, I want separation, Ase.

  8. hahaha……das wassup sis!!!! i knew you would like it. we gonna get separation alright but not across town. it’s gonna be across dimensions!!!!!!!! ase.

  9. I got to episode 5 yesterday and then I had to stop and do some online continuing ed for my job. Episode 5 was something else with Ruby!!!

  10. dat shit was crazy wasn’t it? we gettin’ out soon boo don’t worry!!!!!

  11. that jewtube channel dreamwise be breaking down the episodes too. he does a good job. ase.

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