Star Trek TNG = Skin of Evil

September 25, 2020

they’re talking about our melanin of course. titans are us. skin of evil if what they think of us. they think we’re all angry for no good reason. notice picard was able to trick him once he got upset just like the jewish media does us when the race soldiers kill more and more of our people. the elite are secretly killing off millions of us and we’re only concerned about the few the jew puts on tell-lie-vision. smh…..


  1. Ha Ha … I am a Star Trek fan, just short of being a trekkie. I remember that episode where Bing Crosby’s granddaughter got killed. She got opportunities because of her family. I never liked her on the show. Her pale ass has aged so badly because of the lack of melanin … black goo. 😂 🤣

  2. i only like the next generation and voyager. the others sucked to me including most of the jewvies. haha……yeah i never shed a tear when a hear a cracka died. it’s more like cheer. they spend all those years killing niggas every time captain kirk had to beam his lame ass down to some planet. the niggas never made it back. they rarely even had any niggas present. you hardly ever see a sista except that bad bed wench on kirk’s bridge. this is how they think about us all the time. the biggest barrier to waking our asses up is that black folk think that pink skins think the same way we do. they don’t think anything like the way we think normally. they are always in insecure mode and attack mode just like the manimals they are. never listen to what comes out of their mouths because it’s always lies and bullshit covering up some more evil they have done or are about to do.

    sometimes i think these beasts don’t even exist and that we are dreaming this fucking nightmare. if that’s true we should just start mass slaughtering their asses. it’s going to happen sooner or later….and i’m rooting for sooner!!!!!!!! ase!!!!!!!

  3. I luv your commentary!! Ase!!!

  4. There was another blonde Star Trek character, “Seven of Nine”, who actually helped a politician win the US Senate. Seven of Nine was married to Jack Ryan, who was running for the US Senate against you know who. Ryan was expected to win, but was going through a divorce from Seven of Nine and a sex scandal came out. Ryan ended up withdrawing from the race. The republicans replaced Ryan with Alan Keyes (who didn’t really even live in Illinois) and the rest is history you know who (Obama) won. Before all of this, Obama was not even able to win an Illinois Senate seat.

    I never even heard of Jack Ryan again, until Amazon got a show called Jack Ryan (not related). It doesn’t even seem like Jack Ryan was even a real person. So I have definitely have had the feeling that these folks don’t really exist. We do know that you won’t get a soul unless you come through a black woman’s womb. So what does that say about Obama? mmmm

  5. When I say Illinois Senate seat, I mean State Senate seat, versus US Senate seat. LOL

  6. exactly!!!! a black daddy ain’t enough for a soul!!!! i didn’t know that about that chicago race (no pun intended) but i knew the chicago jews had highly promoted him. he was a goddamn junior senator. they never get the nomination unless the jew says so. rahm emanual the zionist jew pig became mayor by tapping his jewish buddies too. i guess he watched obama for long enough to know he wouldn’t betray them so he took his ass back home….even though their true home is nowhere.

    jeri ryan is that seven of nine chick with all that padding in her little tight body suit. haha…..


    the borg is really talking about us when we were not brainwashed. we moved as one mind even though we were individuals. now we are all divided over fame and fortune and gossiping and jealousy because we emulate the jew and the pink skin gentile losers. she had a cameo of her ancient ass on the Picard series on CBS and she sure as hell ain’t aging like no Borg. she still look ok for a pink bitch but that’s the best they can do even with plastic surgery. haha……that show sucked like hell by the way. damn patrick stewart old as hell and need to sit the fuck down. i’m tired of his professor x bullshit too!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!!

  7. You get star trek because it’s about allegory. When we meditate, eat energized food, get in the sun, ground to the earth, and detox the pineal gland … we are the collective Borg. We get messages from the source creator.

    When I tell folks here in Chicago about how Obama had a path cleared for him, they don’t remember any of it … WTH?

    I am not even a football fan and I was asking some folks do they remember when nobody even liked Colin Kaepernick and he had a commercial about it? And folks look at me like I’m crazy. I’m talking about before Colin took a knee. He had a Beats commercial where everyone hated him and it had nothing to do with race (it was a team rivalry thing). And you didn’t even know if Colin was black because he was listening to white music on the Beats. Somebody told his ass to take a knee and now everyone knows who he is. They are just steeling our energy! A set up.

  8. Stealing our energy. You know what I mean. 😂 🤣

  9. yeah the 95 percenters are always going to stay asleep. i think they’re done for good….no ascension…just remaining in this hell flesh shell to become part of the grey race mixing with all these manimals. all melanoids have souls (the ones not cloned) so they had a choice. they just chose the matrix. people are so nonstop titillated by the goddamn jewish media that they don’t rememeber anything from week to week even though it’s really just a cycle of the same shit over and over. bobby hemmitt talked about this because he was so good at remembering dates but we be forgetting every damn thing like a retarded bunch of puppets!!!!!! that’s why that psychopath zionist jew wolf blitzer is always on CNN screaming about some breaking news regardless of what it is. they want to keep us distracted and worshiping their stupid debt/death notes called money which is really mooney because it uses the energy of the moon or mother which is mater in latin or matter. it’s all illusion and holograms translated into 3D via our central nervous system. that’s why they say money matters or in god we trust. their god is US!!!!….through the energy they extract from our melanin to keep them thriving and us barely surviving. our pain and their pleasure. this is what a parasite does. it cannot do anything else…period.

    yeah i quit watching all sports really except maybe tennis. covid fucked that shit up bad. i’m surprised the jews were willing to lose that money but then again they can just print more and charge it to us like they always do anyway since it’s the energy of OUR melanin!!!!! they really use sports more so to vent the energy of the pinkazoids so they don’t flip out and start forming more militias against the jew-run government. also they put rituals into sports just like they do everything else. the rituals never stop because they have a nonstop bloodlust to harvest our melanin energy. if they ain’t eatin’ us then they mistreatin’ us gettin’ ready to eat us!!!!! and you know they always want the big piece of nigger chicken!!!!!!

    kaepernick is a psyop ritual like you said. why would want to get on your knee for anything unless you are doing that stupid european marriage proposal pose or sucking somebody’s dick? that ain’t a position of power. I’d rather be standing up so i can knock their asses down. next they are going to be bending over together in solidarity to get butt-fucked for the fag flag. kaepernick was just making money. like you said he was a sorry ass quarterback even in san francisco and too inconsistent. now he wants to join and help us?!?! yeah right. he makin’ his money and he is doing the rituals that the jews tell him to do. he’s really pushing the gay agenda too. that’s the core of the whole thing……….faggotry. football is a sports of faggotry anyway. men always slapping each other on the ass. the wide receiver sounds like anal rape. they kick the ball through the uprights like more butt sex. they call it “scoring” when they get points on the board. that’s faggotry. even the quarterback bends down and pulls a huge turd football out of the center’s ass when he hikes the ball. even the word football is a ritual. the foot is the symbol of pisces which is spirituality and ball is just another way of spelling BAAL. in short football is the spirit of BA’AL. they put it right in our faces/feces and we still don’t see it. blind to the facts!!!!!!!!!! this shit is ova!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!!

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