Are Niggas Ascending? – Blak Rant

September 26, 2020


  1. I listened to a lot of Bobby Hemmitt too. If all the souls do elevate then they have to make a choice to go and they can’t go in the state they are in now. Their memories would have to be wiped. They cannot bring all of this drama to the higher planes. So I don’t know how that would work. Bobby has some secrets 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. makes sense to me. our memories get wiped every time we come back to this programmed fake reality plus niggas smoke enough blunts to wipe their minds every day!!!! haha…..most of us don’t want to leave this hell and get away from these orc beings as remedy h calls them. haha….. i would guesstimate about 75% of us would rather stay with the beast. that’s how fucked up we are thinking we need them for our survival. maybe that choice will be taken away from their ego from the rising tides of cosmic energy because it’s not our fault that all of this happened to us over generations of reincarnating into this hologram which ain’t nothing but re-incarceration!!! the same shit they do locking us up in their prisons like the animals they really are.

    bobby said if you wake up thankful each day something wrong with yo ass!!! he right!!!!! i wake up every day like goddamn not again!!!!! it’s a little different for mothers of course. you can’t be like “fuck it!!!!!! make your own damn breakfast!!!!!” i think that’s why people like bobby never have children. it would interfere with his research and occult activities plus he had a fucked up relationship with his mother like me…probably why i didn’t have none either.

    i think i’ve seen almost all the tapes but there’s always another one out there somewhere. they are worth watching several times too. i can only watch an hour or two at a time though. bobby the marathon man when it come to lecturing. niggas be falling asleep. haha…..i posted the last one i watched. it was funny as hell. bobby start talking about how jesus and satan really the same thing….which is true when you break it down since they both fictitious. all the christians got up and left when he said that. haha…..i’m like why the hell you coming to see bobby??!?! they lookin’ for proof that jesus not real but they ass ain’t gonna find it nowhere but it’s inside themselves by using logic over emotion. they always ganging up on non-christians. it feels good to see the conscious people gang up on them. they can’t take it!!!!!! hahaha……..and oh yeah bobby got plenty of secrets. he lectured from about 1990-2006 or so all around the chocolate cities in america. i don’t think he ever came to florida though. niggas down here useless as hell. it would have been a waste of time, breath and words. niggas would have brought bibles and a bucket of chicken wings with a damn 40 sittin’ in the front row smacking and shit. smh……bobby knows most of the real conscious sistas that are brujas and witches so they always keep him aware of what’s happening in the spirit world. damn i wish they would hook my ass up like that!!!!!!! 😦 ase.

  3. You are so right. It is worth watching those Bobby videos again because was have changed since we watched before.

  4. bobby was so far ahead of his time that when you go back you see new shit because you have grown too!!!!! you are a child of the most high and chosen!!!!!! know this!!!!!

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