The Moons of October

September 28, 2020


  1. When I saw the title of your post, it reminded me of growing up catholic going to parochial schools forced to say that prayer with the line “… hallowed be thy name …”. The priest would always said that ‘hallow” was supposed to mean holy. But on hallow’s eve (halloween), it means that demon spirits are released. Now I know they had me praying to some low energy being (a parasite) giving away my energy. Well not since after I grew up. 🥰

    The last time I went into a catholic church, I almost passed out. There was some really bad energy in there.

  2. if you feel bad in church that’s a good thing!!! i always did!!! haha……the demons are actually chakras inside us that the jewvies lie and say is evil. it’s evil to the pinkazoids because they fear us but it’s not really evil. it’s just energy like angels that we can do whatever we want with. it took me over a year to get over the fear of demons and i was conscious!!! even when you give up their religious lies there’s still that latent fear of what they said being true. that’s your shadow side. you have to confront it if there is still any fear in there. my ass been through it…haha…..we think we have to defeat the shadow (which is really melanin) but you have to become one with it in balance. it ain’t easy but it must be done to leave this realm. the astrology is gonna provoke a bunch of our people to do stupid shit right now. having patience is hard but we must do it. we will know when to make moves but it ain’t quite time yet. it’s close as hell but not quite now. feel me? ase.

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