Saving Private Cryin’……

September 30, 2020


  1. Wow, you are so right. All my former co-workers are getting sick with cancer and other degenerative diseases. They keep texting me to meet them for lunch. I love this quarantine because I don’t want to be bothered 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Also, I don’t like all the attention when they are all wrinkled and bent over and I look the same as the last time they saw me, several years ago. It makes me feel like they want to eat me 😩

    Beat it pink people!

  2. haha…these mofos are trying to pretend that they are not a virus on our planet and yet all they do is destroy nature. even agent smith in the matrix said the same thing. he said humans are a disease. we are NOT humans. we are gods temporarily incarcerated in flesh. big ass difference!!!!! i was talking to some of them and they are all like “how the fuck do you still look young?”. they still don’t understand that we are not the same. they bought the kum bah yah bullshit just like most of our people did. we have hair. they have fur. i saw it over 20 years ago but thought nothing of it at the time. covid is the segregation that we needed to get our melanin back on point from these vampires viruses draining us thru our attention to their enterprises making them money which is melanin energy that we put into it since they don’t have any. i don’t think they’re even real. i think we rejected out shadow self from all the bullshit religion and when that happened for long enough it got projected into physical reality as the white shadow or what we call the pinkazoids and orc beings. this is how powerful the melanated mind is. it can shape the very reality of existence….especially yours the melanated wombman. we know this is a hologram and hologram is a program. the only question that remains is whether it’s their program or if we’re doing it to ourselves. my dreams say the latter. goddamn i had about 20 dreams last night. i could not sleep for fucking dreaming and i had the journal all i could remember when i woke up. there are ZERO pinkazoids in my dreams now. that means they are dying the fuck out!! ase sis!!!!

  3. I think we are creating this hologram too. I have a theory on the 42 negative confessions. You didn’t and couldn’t do any of that stuff because this is NOT real.

  4. these cosmic energies continue to come in………big ones yesterday. remember the 3 blind mice? what if a coronal mass ejection was so great that is blinded all the nonblacks (so-called) on the planet since they have no melanin in their eyes like we do? it would be easy pickin then wouldn’t it? just blast away. i got that download about an hour ago. pinky even made a show about blind crackas fighting and figuring out how to survive. i’m going to do a video on why they have us wearing these masks too. it’s all about the astrology…..what they stole from us. fortunately they are so animal manimal stupid they never understand much of it and then when we see it it all comes flooding back thru the melanin which is akash. hahaha……..ase.

  5. I would be delighted if that would happen. We could finally get some peace. They have some series called “See” on AppleTV as well. I watched a couple of episodes and it looked like everyone was blind except for some black men and their offspring. But I didn’t see this series through so I don’t even know what else happened. LOL

  6. that’s the one!!!!!!! SEE!!!!! as in holy see as in the vatican the people doing all of this to us!!!!!! is it live or is it memorex? only the “black” wombman truly knows. it’s in star trek. it’s in xfiles. it’s in into the badlands they call it the gift. it’s the melanin from the black female. ase.

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