If Voting Mattered……..

October 1, 2020



  1. I dropped into see what remedy h was up to and he is partying because he said they are all dead and gone so you are just voting for a clone.

    The thought of them dying off makes me so happy. LOL

    • and today my so-called mother said that joe biden is going to save black people because he is white jesus. i show her all pics of him molesting children and women and she said he was just affectionate. hahaha…….this is how bat shit fucking crazy people are now!!!! of course i’m the devil and joe is god going to judge me to go to hell since i’m a nonbeliever. these ppl have been chemically aka khemically lobotomized. there is nothing left of my mother in that insane creature. wtf?!?!?!

  2. yeah they are mostly clones fa sho!!!! the jew archon leaves nothing up to chance. they are paranoids parasites. they want to make sure everything is rigged in their favor. when these cosmic blasts come thru soon though none of their sorry tech shit is going to work. whatever they steal from us they never get more than 20% from it because they’re so godddamn stupid pretending to be smart with degrees and titles. haha…….most ppl bow down to that shit but not me. degrees only mean you memorized lies. am i supposed to worship a lie memorizer. i think not!!!!!!! ase.

  3. Okay, an hour after we had this exchange, it was announced that 45 has coronavirus. 🤣

  4. haha….i never believe anything on the tell-lie-vision. remedy h said they did it just to make the stock market go down since they all have the dow jones limp dick. i was at the grocery store today and them mutha fuckas look sick as hell. they all be staring at you when you have that “im gonna kick your ass” energy. they pulling out all the stops now. did you catch up all the way on lovecraft country?

    check out my post from today. one of the muthafuckas that started netflix mark randolph is related to edward bernays the propagandist and also to sigmund freud the fraud….and of course all goddamn jews!!!!


    all parasites can do is fuck with your mind using that flicker rate HDTV 3D shit to plant thoughts into your subconscious so you act them out eventually when the “programming” been repeated enough. think of all the damage they do when people binge watch these series?!?!?!?! it’s all mind control supposedly banned but they don’t give a fuck. the tv is a patented mind control device.


    farnsworth is a jewish last name too!!!!! you see who the real enemy is??!?! the pinkazoids are just a distraction to keep us emotionally distracted with nonsense. they are clones that work for the goddamn jew. period. cali is burning the fuck down and i’m happy as hell. i’m gonna do some more rituals to add fuel to the fire. ase!!!!!

  5. I am all caught up on Lovecraft Country and I’m ready for Sunday. I did not recognize the actress that plays Hippolyta, Aunjanue Ellis. The last time I saw her in something was at least 3 years ago and she has gained a lot of weight and she looks like a completely different person.

    I have Netflix but I don’t watch it much. I could not put my finger on it but all of the Netflix shows seemed like subversive programming, so I stopped watching. I have an old tv because I don’t watch much. I was thinking about getting a new tv but I could not find one that did not have smartTV on it, so I was like forget it. It figures that all of those joos are in the same family.

    The other day, I did watch part of Gemini Man on Amazon Prime video and I see these joos are predictive programming the clone attack stuff. Are

  6. Jaquari, every time I turn on the damn tv, I’m like WTH. I just turned it on and saw a Progressive commercial where a black man was half man and half motorcycle. The pink skin next to the black man was on a motorcycle but he still had his legs. The commercial is called “Born to Ride”. These orc’s are nuts! ase

    • oh and my mom said joe biden is a good man and not a pedophile molester. wtf?!?! this fool done had more accusers than bill cosby but of course she thought bill was guilty. i hate having a coon ass momma. she think that light skin and that college degree make her white. she fucking crazy man!!!!!! and she think because she married a preacher that she has the right to judge everyone. and she wonders why the family hates her. amh…..she has no idea what that damn TV has done to her mind. sad but nothing i know to do to help her except killing jesus!!!!!!! ase.

  7. they never sleep do they? i guess parasites don’t need sleep or maybe they just take shifts. haha….we are more aware of their tactics but they are also putting more of it into everything to lower our vibration. you know the black blank ass masses gonna fall for it. you’re right there is something about netflix where i just cannot watch it too. my higher self says TURN THAT SHIT OFF!!!!! we should do some reverse programming on their asses from the astral realm where we rule!!!! we gotta do everything metaphysically and just let them have the physical shit since they so goddamn paranoid monitoring every damn thing. if they weren’t such assholes they wouldn’t have to be lookin’ over their narrow ass shoulders all the time!!!! ASE QUEEN!!!!!!

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