Fur = Animal Genetic = Hue-man

October 2, 2020

Hue does NOT mean color. Look at the etymology of the word below. Everything has a color. The original meaning of hue is kind or species. Hue-mans are just a kind or species of man. We are not humans. Humans are genetic garbage. We are GODS condensed into physical form who are about to ascend. They changed the meaning of the words over time to confuse you. Be ye not confused!!!!!!!!!!!

hue (n.1)“color,” Old English hiw “color; form, appearance; species, kind; beauty,” earlier heowhiow, from Proto-Germanic *hiwam (source also of Old Norse hy “bird’s down,” Swedish hy “skin, complexion,” Gothic hiwi “form, appearance”), from PIE *kiwo-, suffixed form of root *kei- (2), a color adjective of broad application (source also of Sanskrit chawi “hide, skin, complexion, color, beauty, splendor,” Lithuanian šyvas “white”).

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