Star Trek-ism

October 10, 2020


  1. They try to put us down every chance they get. And ALL the evidence says we are Gods. They haven’t even been to the moon. I have a childhood friend that is an astronaut and she has only been to the space station. That is as far as they can go. And they know that her dna did not break down and her recovery time was short when she returned. They know the difference between a god and a dog but we are the ones who need to know.

  2. if it’s on jew tv then most of us are going to “BE-LIE-ve” it. the only think that worries me is if all of us are going or just those who are pure of heart toward their own people. like i said before if niggas are going with us then i’m staying here or going somewhere else if i can. they are nothing but devils with pigmentation and dormant melanin. i know it sounds like i hate my people but i know most of us are lost forever. there is no redeeming what they have done in my mind and heart and soul.

    damn lovecraft was some crazy shit tonight man!!!!!!! last episode next sunday gonna be a good one. ase.

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