Richard Claxton Gregory (October 12, 1932 – August 19, 2017)

October 12, 2020



  1. You know he would have a lot to say about the things that are going on today. I am happy that you are putting it out there now! ✊🏽

  2. dick was never short on words…haha….the greatest comedians always mix in social commentary while making us laugh like richard pryor, paul mooney, dave chappelle, chris rock, etc. of course the pinkazoids just keep there stupid shit goofy and empty except for that dude george carlin….and he’s dead too!!!!! i wouldn’t be surprised if they killed dick too because he knew a lot of government shit but ppl mostly thought it was an old angry senile man ranting. im the old angry man ranting so he can’t have my job!!!!!! haha….

    mercury turns retrograde tomorrow and in scorpio. get ready for the fighting since mars is also retrograde in aries. on the 17th be even more careful because the moon will conjunct that mercury and it’s debilitated in scorpio along with venus debilitated in virgo. hahaha….it’s the perfect storm for the average moron. be above it all queen. ase.

  3. Wow, this should be interesting. I have the mercury retrograde marked on my calendar but I didn’t know about mars, the moon and Venus. So the mercury retrograde ends on Tuesday, November 3rd. This should be some drama.

    I am practicing on keeping my energy. I’m not turning my energy over to these beasts. They have been getting all in my face too. They hate to be ignored. Parasites.

  4. haha……..facts…….they are so used to us PAYING them attention with our melanin which gives them our energy that when we refuse they can no longer feed. then they get angry and cry like a hungry baby. they have been doing pink apathy on us for centuries just watching us die and doing nothing about it….well except laughing and making it worse or denying it by blaming it on black on black crime. now the tables are turning. we are quitting their stupid jobs and look at what has already happened to their corporations. WE ARE THE GREASED WHEEL OF THIS WHOLE OPERATION!!!!!! they are all shutting down because they were invisibly running on our melanin energy!!!! now their corporations are corpse-orations. they are goddamn vampires and parasites. they don’t even know they’re doing it. it’s just what they are. a vampire feeds because it’s hungry and it cannot generate its own energy. that’s what they are so you know plenty of damn tricks are on the way to try to get us back into their feeding trough. i ain’t neva goin back no matter what material dumb shit they offer. ase.

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