Watch “Brother Panic:(Part 1)- Detailed Instructions on How to Die….and Not Come Back Here” on YouTube

October 12, 2020


  1. You know I will have to take notes on this one! Getting out is so important to me.

    • take a look at this video from tampa where i am. some pinkazoid orcazoid shot it. the whole atmosphere is changing from electromagnetic to plasma. you can tell from this video. these creatures are swimming in the skies!!!! this shit is ova!!!!!!!!! they cannot even explain this shit away with their lies no more. hahahaha…………

    • here’s another new one. shit is hype right now!!!!! pinky still pretending everything is going to be ok for them. hahaha…….

  2. same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha…..he has a part 2 as well so together it’s like 13 hours. he talk long like bobby hemmitt his mentor. i should have been taking notes on lovecraft too so i wouldn’t have to watch it all over again. one episode to go where that pink bitch will try to sacrifice Tic for eternal life aka a soul but i have a feeling it ain’t gonna work out for her stank skank bony ass. haha…….

  3. Lovecraft – They had better not take out the star of the show 🤨 Especially if the want folks to watch season 2.

    Sky Serpent – That really does look like some kind of light being swimming around up there. Wow 😳

  4. and you know they want to make a season 2 to continue whatever their agenda is behind revealing this info to the masses.

    all i know is if i see a portal and i can reach it i’m diving in head first. fuck it!!!!!!!!! haha!!!!!! ase!!!!!

  5. The catholics are wanting to name a new saint and his name is very similar to the lead character in Love raft Country, Atticus. The name is acutis. I don’t know what kind of foolishness they are up to now. It’s some kind of desperate tactic.

  6. Spellcheck changed Lovecraft to love raft. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. haha…loveraft. now that sounds fun!!!! so you are still practicing catholicism?

  8. catholic? not since I went away to college and started to study our history. The last time I went in the old catholic church, I almost passed out. I was like I was under attack.

  9. catholic, not since I went away to college at 18. But I have tried other christian cults since then. The last time I went to my old catholic church I almost passed out and felt like my stomach was hemorrhaging. It was like I was under attack.

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