October 16, 2020


  1. That crap is poison. My family loves kfc too. Who knows what is really in it. I’m reading The Delectable Negro now.

  2. I know right. I used to just get the wedge fries but I don’t even fuck with that now. A damn slavemaster selling chicken to mental slaves…..smh…..They torture them damn chickens too not that anyone cares.

    You should see all the feminism bullshit in season 3 of star trek discovery. the only reason i even watch it is for special effects and to see what they gonna have that melanoid sasha from walking dead doing since they killed her off the show. they always want to re-use that melanated female energy. all you have to do is watch how they move from show to show to jewvie to jewvie and you can tell what they’re doing.

    i cannot tell what day it is anymore. other people are saying the same thing…….remedy h says times ends on 10/20 whatever that means. people start getting on his ass for making predictions that don’t happen. he got mad and said i do this for my family…….like that explains anything. haha……..

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