October 18, 2020


  1. I am glad you posted this. I needed to go back and listen to the beginning. All I can say is that he was telling the truth last night. Just like you be telling the truth!

  2. that’s funny i’m just finishing it now. two sistas called in. the first one stayed on for about 20 minutes. she agreed but then she started making excuses for why “black” females behave this way as if they are all victims. we ARE victims but we should not adopt a victim mentality. nuben is correct. we need community but most of us don’t trust each other and as soon as we get together we start trying to one up each other like the pink skins do with that house nigga field nigga shit……smh……..that’s what keeps happening with mentellect. he gains members and then the coonery buffoonery comes out in some of them and then they leave and start talking shit that it’s a cult. goddamn these blanked out blacks!!!! hopefully that new moon in libra is going to fix some of this because i know the “blacks” ain’t fixin’ shit!!!!!

    the second sista was older and she admitted that she can’t help but deal wit niggas on a daily basis and she starts fights with them because she don’t want to take their shit. smh……at least the sista was honest. we are not supposed to be engaging with the blank ass black race even when they are relatives…or at least minimizing it as much as possible. i minimized my shit to zero. most of them think i’m dead or something. haha……

    season finale of lovecraft tonight!!!!!!!! let’s see who dies!!!!! haha……well we never really die but you don’t what i mean. they always tryin’ to pretend that we are the same as them……blah blah fucking blah with that shit man……ase!!!!

  3. Wow, the first caller still wanted to have empathy and deal with males and females.

    Right, the second one wants to argue and fight with males and females when you can’t make someone be right. It’s best to leave them alone. Right, the second one was too old to be arguing with these folks. And his answer was right on point. She kept interrupting him too. And she kept trying to make a point rather than accept his answer. “Blame thyself”. I think she hung up or maybe he hung up. Ha ha ha.

    I am ready for Lovecraft tonight too.

  4. hahaha….das my homegirl!!!!!! you always on point!!!!!! ASE!!!!

  5. Okay, I guess you were right again! I am glad I didn’t bet on Lovecraft, I would have lost! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. hahaha……..it ain’t about who is right sis. we both always right!!!!! you made a quantum decision about season 2 needing tic and yet they may resurrect him since he has the black jesus the whole time. it’s not over yet but it will be soon. i’m so tired of them pretending we need them for spells when the whole goddamn time they are doing spells to US!!!!!!!!!!!! there isn’t anything else external. it’s all US!!!!!! when a melanated man and woman come together we are never wrong as a whole….only as individuals. the new moon in libra is the balance which is where you always find the truth!!!! ASE QUEEN!!!!!!

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