The “Intern”et Has People Trapped In Its “Web” of Seven Deadly Sins

October 29, 2020

All of these sites are designed to magnify your ego in a negative way which lowers your vibration making you more food for the Archons who are always feasting on us and the energy from our melanin. They have to make the vibration low so they can consume it because they cannot digest anything of a positive higher vibration.

Let’s break it down real quick:








Gotta unplug as much as you can and reclaim your energy.

It’s yours for their taking!!!!!

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  1. I know people who will be out to dinner with friends ant be on instagram or facebook the whole time. I read that those alphabet agencies gave suckerberg millions of taxpayer money in order to develop facebook. I am really inactive on social media so if you want to reach me, you have to reach out to me.

    Family members tell me that my first cousin’s son is always on facebook, twitter or instagram praising pink females. He never calls me unless he needs something. He just called looking for me to sign up with him for financial planning (his so-called college internship job). Other family members were like “don’t give him your ssn”. LOL The main reason I will never do business with him is because he is surrounded by pink skins. LOL

    It’s interesting how we get stuck with these family members. I have a couple that I will help out, when asked. The other family members I try to stay clear of because there is always some mess. I let my phone go to voice mail and I never ever answer video calls. I answer text messages 48 -72 hours after I receive them. And they all know it’s a waist of time to come over and ring my doorbell. Ha ha ha.

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